Monday, February 29, 2016

Sniff, Sniff

Good morning! Good morning! Am a tad late posting today, sorry.
Will it offend you if I take a couple of moments and say to the world that God is good! He touched me yet again and allowed me to rise to see a brand new day. He is good and I am humbled and blessed in that I get to serve Him. Y'all, bear with me as I tell Him the magnitude of love that I have for Him. I'll be back with you all in a few moments. Okay?

Jesus, it's me, Alma and I just want to say that I love You. Though I am but a piece of clay, You gave me life and You allow me to be a free moral agent to serve as I will. I choose You, Jesus. I have often told You that I would stand atop the tallest mountain in the world and proclaim my love for You. Well Lord, this is my tallest mountain right now! And all of my blog readers know how I feel about You! Thank you Lord for Your mercy, justice, lovingkindness and righteousness! I join in with the rest of creation to say, "Great is our God!"  And Lord, please bless all of my blog readers in that they allowed me to take time from their schedules and approach You for prayer. I would that You would bless each one of them with the knowledge, security and protective warmth of Your love. In Your name, I submit this prayer. Amen

Thank you, my blog readers for allowing me to encroach upon your time as I went to my Father's throne. But you know, we have times like that, times when it feels like the praise will burst forth from our pores if we don't praise Him. At any rate, you let me take you with me as I sought an audience with Him and I thank you. I hope that the prayer blessed your spirit and continues to do so.

Thought for Today
I have ears that are very sensitive to blowing cold air or wind and so, I have to keep earmuffs on them when I am out in the wind. Well, I did not do that for two and a half days and now I am paying the penalty for that, thus the title of the article for today. Yes, I have drainage from my ears, which in turn has given me a scratchy throat, which in turn makes me cough, which in turn makes my nose run, which in turn makes me feel a tad under the weather. Not to worry though, for I will be taking some Claritin D and some cough syrup and should be good to go, very soon!

Here is a tidbit of a poem for today:

The ground cries with tinkling slivers
And if you are among will make you shiver.

Can you even begin to tell me what this poem might have reference to, hmm-m?

Betcha scratch your head on this one. (Tee hee) Seriously, do enjoy working on this poem.  (Smile)

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Aside - Once you figure it out, will you write two more lines to the poem and yes, I would like for you to use imagery in your finishing lines. Say what? Oh, you forgot what imagery is. As I said on February 26, "Imagery in  writing is attempting to describe something so that it appeals to any of our five senses." That's okay, I didn't mind telling you again what imagery is. After all remember, one of my goals for this blog is to have you enjoy poetry. Some of you will enjoy it to the extent that you will write some of your own and others of you may actually purchase a book of poetry or check one out from your library!

What! You are so funny! No, I do not have a crystal ball to see you in what you do. And if you had not squeaked just then, I would never have known. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha That was a good one! You actually made me laugh out loud and I needed that this morning with the cold and all. (Tee hee) No, I can not literally hear you either. Tee hee Stop it. You are going to make me split my side and with this cold, I don't really feel like laughing. Okay, I'm ending this because you have me chuckling out loud again. And yes, I do have a smile pasted on my face.
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