Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wedge Head

Hello, all. Hope your morning is going we'll and hope that the rest of your day goes well, too.
I bet you are wondering, "What in the world is a 'wedge head'" aren't you? Tee hee That is a term coined by my mother. She called us that when she had tried to tell us something, but we were pretty sure that we had it figured out our own way. Needless to say, we didn't relish being called that because it meant "Uh oh, not paying attention to Momma. Licks might be next!" That word got our attention immediately.

In the event that we did not listen, but kept doing our thing, we might receive the back of Momma's hand. Then we sat around thinking, "I should have listened. Bet I will next time. I'm not getting any more licks." Well, life does us the same way at times. We learn by trial and error what works for us and why. We do the thing for so long, it becomes a ritual. Then one day, we overthink the process and figure that maybe that is not the right way to do that thing this time. What happens! We get whacked by the situation and we say, "I knew better! Why did I ever think to change the way I always do things?" Have you ever had a situation like that? I'm pretty sure that you have.

That is what happened to me on yesterday. I took my cold medicine in the morning and it lasted for about eight hours. Upon retiring for the night, I decided that I did not need the night medicine. Needless to say, I awoke this morning more stopped up and congested. You know what I did this morning? Yep? You guessed it. I took that twelve-hour tablet and my cough medicine. Further too, I will be taking that twelve-hour capsule tonight as well. I learned my lesson!

Let's take this lesson a little further. We have the Holy Writ. We know what is coming down at the end of time. It behooves us not to be wedge heads and to try to carry out the Lord's commands down here now because we will not have the opportunity to say, "Oops! I knew better. I will do that next time."

In essence, let us wrap our little selves in His love and make plans to meet Him in glory for a blessed reunion at the judgment, hm-m-m?

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - I have taken the liberty of reprinting yesterday's poem for you.

The ground cries with tinkling slivers
And if you are among will make you shiver
The God who can do such pretty things as this makes me
Wonder what other awe-inspiring joys He will deliver?

The tinkling slivers have reference to needle ice that comes up from the ground and makes a tinkling sound as it creeps along on the ground. This came up on the weather channel and I was simply amazed. I briefly wondered what it would feel like to sit among the crawling slivers and have them grow around me a bit. Then common sense told me that it would be a novice experience but a cold one. (Tee hee) Still, I would sit among it if I could. Why, just because! You must remember, I am the one who would have raked her hand through the wall of water as I was running if I had been with the Israelites back during the crossing of the Red Sea when they were running from Pharaoh. I am also the one who stuck a pin in a socket to see what it would do when I was a child. Just curious, I guess. What? You mean you never read how I did that. Well, look back on November 2, 2015,  at my blog. I was a bit of a hot mess as a child and I am so glad that He kept me. I sometimes wonder if He doesn't put a special detachment of angels with me because He knows how I get to wondering about things. (Tee hee) What! I can be fanciful if I want to. (Tee hee) (There is a YouTube video on Needle Ice. You will enjoy it!)
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