Sunday, February 28, 2016

In My Father's Hands

Hello all. Hope you have begun your day with prayer and hope that you plan to attend worship today. That is the way we phrase it in my part of the world, at least.

Well, life and the things that happen tend to surprise us now and again. Right? Sometime people dislike us for what they think we have, how they think we perceive ourselves, what they think we mean in our determination to serve, etc. Case in point, the other day someone said to me that maybe I needed to be brought down low. I was flabbergasted! If you have been reading my blog long at all, the one thing that you can attest to is the fact that according to my blog, "I am not a person who considers herself better than folks." To be misunderstood like that is heart rending. But you know, all of that is based upon misunderstanding. The Holy Writ says "Above all thy getting, get an understanding."

And then, people dislike us because we will not forgo our desires and acquiesce to theirs instead. I suppose that since that happened to Jesus, I should not be surprised at it happening today. Yet, it still rankles. Makes me wonder about the near miss with the van on Friday and the truck on yesterday. Still, I walk resolutely on with my faith intact knowing that my life is in Jesus's hand and no other. Ump! Ump! Ump! The nerve of some people!

Oh well, here is the poem that I promised. Read it; think on it; enjoy the underlying theme that our Protector, Jesus is ever vigilant and that the adversary, no matter what type of problem he sends us, can do no more than the Almighty allows.

(Having some connection problems so stopped to check the connection. Seems the problem is with my pc and not my iPad so I continue on with what I was saying...)

A lady in a little blue car
Came to a crossroads at the end of the day
Though she usually did not approach
The crossroads that way.

She had always had a hard time
Crossing one particular street
So she took the route with the
Traffic signal so that the late
Evening traffic, she could beat.

Well, it seems that Justice and Mercy
Had words that day, for Justice said
That the lady in the little blue car
Had gotten away with too much in her life, by far.

Justice argued that her life be taken from her
But Mercy exclaimed that she begged to differ.

Mercy told Justice, in no uncertain terms
That the lady in question was known for
The caring deeds she had done
And that Justice in asking for her life
Had asked for the wrong one.

So the driver of the gray SUV
Found that she had no choice
But to clench the wheel and whirl around
To wait for the next victim of calimity
Because tough little Mercy
Had for her charge trumpeted her voice.

And the unsuspecting lady
In the little blue car
Made her way safely home without a single jar.

Yet Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - As I said on yesterday, my jar is one note fuller. Are you keeping a jar? You know, towards the end of the year, if the Lord wills and if you will remind me, I might just do a story on the contents of my jar.  I could entitle it, "Me and My Jar." I know that you usually name yourself last in a series but since there is only the inanimate object and me, I took the liberty of naming the human (me) first. tee hee

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