Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What Time is It?

Hello everyone. How is your jar coming along? I must admit, it is proving to be a little bit of a task to stop what I am doing and write during a given moment, the joy that I feel when certain things come to past. I will persist, though and I will accomplish the jar task, for so it is with any new thing; you have to do it for it to habit and for the habit to last.

"Happy is the nation, whose God is the Lord"
You have allowed the enemy
To rob your posterity
Of your greatest treasure
Jesus as a legacy.

When the free world is threatened by, what seems to be unbeatable forces, we do what our forefathers taught us, we turn to prayer, right? Remember what history has taught us about WWII? Remember what happened after the World Trade Center attack? During both times a national day and time of prayer was called for. Cars stopped in the middle of the busiest thoroughfares, cash registers stopped pinging and a mass silence ensued... Uhm hum, well that raises a question for me. When is praying time? What time is it in your life, fellowman?

  • Do you only pray on Sunday's or do you pray during the week at your job?  Think about that boss of yours before you answer.
  • Do you get irritated or offended if you have to pause a conversation over a lunch meal because someone wants to offer a quick prayer? 
I can surmise how most of you answered. Now, wonder what our posterity does in school daily. You go to your job and spend hours with people of all types and they go to school and spend hours with children of all types. Two questions for you:

  1. What was the purpose of not having prayer in school? Whose interest does it serve, ultimately?
  2. What is the danger in having prayer in school? Which is the greater danger, ignorance or intolerance?
Habits have to be practiced to become; that means hatred or praying. Children learn what they live.

If you do not fill a young mind
With the treasures of the Lord 
Then by human nature
Other treasures it will find.

When you teach hatred and disregard for human life, you never know which channel  and in which direction the habits that we are pushing our posterity toward will fire. Case in point - the two teenage young ladies planning a blood bath in Colorado. Their hatred was fed, somehow... Just sayin'

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Aside - unless, led otherwise, on tomorrow we will address "Drug crazed hatred fed by greed and intolerance" and "Dressing for dignity."

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