Monday, January 25, 2016


Good morning everyone! Did you remember to begin your day with prayer? I did!

You know what? Being able to take most any subject and make an application to Christian life with it, is a blessed ability from the Lord. So I like utilizing the talent(s) that He has given me. I'd do all I can do to let the world know that HE IS EVERYTHING TO ME!

You, my blog readers, have come to know me thru my blogging, pretty much. And one thing, among others, that you can say about me is that I love blogging about the Lord and His greatness as I walk this Christian life. When a person is passionate about something, it shows! Look at the following four verses and tell me what the speaker is passionate about.

I like bananas, I like tangerines 
I like yellow delicious apples too
But the fruit of choice for me
Is an orange, that is THE 
Fruit, I mean!

When you get a good orange
And you finally get it peeled
Your salivary gland can stop
Secreting, when into your 
Mouth, the first slice, you pop.

A good orange, whether you
Like it room temperature 
Or with a slight chill
Nothing like that first bite
When your mouth with
Its juices, you fill.

When you enjoy a good orange
Onlookers will, of course, know
Because the juice will run down
Your chin, and tell the world, it's so.


As juice on the chin is a telltale
Sign of enjoying eating an orange
The world ought to know
That you're a Christian
By your walk's glow.

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

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