Thursday, January 28, 2016

Entitled vs I Wish

Hello everybody. I will deal with the topics that I told you on yesterday that I would; however, it ties right back in to prayer in schools.  That is what I think anyway!

Jealousy plays a big part in human nature and has throughout the annals of time. Cain killed Abel due to jealousy. This is a big part of the human psyche. 
If jealousy if not curtailed or reined in, will cause the person who harbors it to do unseemly things. It thrives under the best and the worst types of soil (conditions). It will even grow on bare rocks (meaning when a person seemingly has nothing for another to be jealous of). This means that it is going to be present as long as mankind inhabits this world. But I want to talk about it from the perspective of a growing child’s mind.

As I told you yesterday, a child’s mind is very fertile soil and whatever is sown is what will be grown. Children spend the bulk of their waking hours in school or doing school related activities, homework, etc. When children come together in a group, as they do in schools, competitions and comparisons naturally occur. They may become envious of another’s apparel, skin color, beauty, physical skill, intelligence, friendships, charisma, etc. When these things crop up in the mind of a child, if proper instruction is given, it can be eradicated or at least, kept to a minimum. When prayer was taken out of the schools, a big opportunity for instruction in basic principles was lost. If, however, there is no instruction at the opportune time, bad habits can form, and in time, become so ingrained as to seem to be second nature. This atmosphere can simultaneously give rise to the, “I’m better than you syndrome” and the “You’ve got it; I want it; I’ll take it syndrome” where children think that they are entitled to the best of everything and pretty much demand it. This demand can come from the “have’s” and from the “have nots.” This can run the gamut from adulation to verbal criticizing to bullying.

In other words, back when children’s books had morals taught in them and consequences, children learned what it was to use what they had and be appreciative. The “No prayer in school generations” have learned that if you have it and I want it, I get it by any means necessary and you had better not say anything about it because if you do, I will tell everybody not to like you or I will beat you up!

Greed and intolerance/hatred are the bywords of a good portion of the “No prayer in school generations.” Why do I say that, well take a listen to this:

·       Keeping up with the Jones’ by any means necessary. It takes big money to get the borders running rampant with drug smugglers. We are talking unmitigated greed by the “have’s” and also by the “have not’s” because your nickel and dime pushers do their business under the furtherance of the same system.

1.     You are not as good as I am because you don’t wear thus and so

2.     Just as good as you because you got thus and so and so do I

3.     Not only that, but you have money but you don’t have “game”…trying to have swag and can’t even spell it, walk it nor talk it. Betcha don’t even know what S.W.A.G. stands for do you? That’s what I thought.  (ha ha ha)

·       “Don’t dis me. You give me my respect!”

1.     You cannot demand respect and get it true, you have to purport yourself like somebody with dignity and you will command the respect due to you. That means pulling your pants up and keeping your dresses down…

2.     Wearing a belt 

Entitled – An attitude, demeanor or air of rudeness, ungraciousness or combativeness; feeling that you have a right to the good things in life without necessarily having to work for them

I Wish – If I work hard, save my money and/or go to school, I will be alright. I have to do like the apostle Paul said, “I have learned in all things, therein to be content.” Philippians 4:11

Let the children be taught by word and deed is what I say.

Deut. 11:19     Psalm 34:11    Psalm78:5       Deut. 31:19     Isaiah 28:9 There are other scriptures, but you get my drift.
Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

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