Sunday, January 17, 2016

Oh, Oh! He Made the Sheep Bleat!

Hello all! It is very late on Saturday night or very early on Sunday morn. Take your pick; I just know that I needed to finish my thought with you on the poem below:

Folk don't know what they do
When they disturb the
Sheep that belongs to the Shepherd 
Who knows His sheep's
Every trembling bleat.

Jesus said in John 10:11, "I am the good Shepherd." This is a powerful statement for two reasons as far as you and I are concerned.
  1. Powerful first because He said it, so you know it is true and because you know that it is true, the statement is packed full of assurance.
  2. Powerful secondly because of the nature of a shepherd. A shepherd tends sheep and one of the greatest threats to a sheep back in Biblical times was attack from a wild animal. (1 Samuel 17:36) Jesus qualifies himself in this statement by letting us know the type of shepherd He is, yes a good Shepherd. Now, there are two types of shepherds, one that will tend the sheep well enough, but when danger arises, will leave the sheep untended and defenseless. You see, sheep by nature, are defenseless animals; they have to be tended well and sometimes even protected from themselves. They eat with their heads down with little or no regard as to what is before them. So then the shepherd has to keep them within the sheepfold so that they will be safe. That is well and good until a wild animal gets in the sheep fold. That is when you can tell who is a true shepherd and who is not. A hireling will abscond his duty and run for his life and not give another thought to the sheep. But the good Shepherd will protect and defend His sheep, even giving His life for them.
That is what Jesus did for you and me.  So, as one of His sheep, you are under the watchful eye of the  good Shepherd. Since He knows that dangers abound, He is ever watchful over His sheep. He knows what is going to happen before it happens, so there are no surprises in life for Him.

Now that I have laid my ground work for you, let me drive home the point of my poem. You know how I always told you to BYDWP (Begin your day with prayer.) well, here is why it is critical that you do so. Prayer is nothing but talking with Jesus. If you talk with Him regularly enough, then you will develop an intimate relationship with Him. He will know you well, know every nuance in your voice, and choose to act upon your prayers whether of praise, thanksgiving or petition. He already knows your voice and when your enemy makes you, as His sheep, bleat, that is a cry for help and that makes the good Shepherd step up His protection and do what is necessary to assure your well being. 

What you have to do, little sheep, is trust Him and keep doing what He would have you do, no matter what your enemies do, for the Shepherd sees, knows, cares and will defend His sheep. There is a little ditty of a song that I have been humming this week and I wish that I had the means or the know how to put it in this blog. If I did, you would be hearing me blast it right now. Can't do that right now so, here is the next best thing:

War cry, oh, oh, oh war-r-r cry
Jesus' gonna get you for botherin' me
War cry, oh, oh, oh, war cry
Oh enemy, don't you see 
God's gonna get you for botherin' me
War cry!

Now you know, little sheep why the enemy gets so bothered when you pray. Hmm-m?
So what ever you do little sheep, don't forget to bleat. BYDWP

Doing What I Can, While I Can in Christian Love as I Bleat and Lean on Ultimately
Alma Jones

Aside - Don't be surprised if find a way for you to hear the little ditty of "War Cry."

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