Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Waiting's the Hard Part

Good morning everyone! Hope that you are faring nicely this morning. me, I am doing fine. I do have something that has been placed on my heart to share with you this morning. Okay, here we go! have you ever had something that you were promised and you wanted it so badly? Sure, you have, and it makes it even worse if you don't know exactly when you will be receiving it, doesn't it?
“Waiting’s the hard part” is what I recently heard someone say. And you know, they were right, in a sense. However, if you think about it, we have been waiting for one thing or another all of our lives. We waited forever for Christmas as children, remember? Remember the shaking of the package, the squeezing of it?  All of that just heightened the senses and built the anticipation, didn't it? But you know, we must not spend so much time waiting for whatever, that we miss out on what we have been given to enjoy now.  So let’s take a new tactic with this waiting thing; let’s decide that it will be when it will be, but in the meantime, we are going to view this waiting time as preparation or seasoning time, okay?


Okay, let’s take it like this. A lot us just finished having Thanksgiving dinner, right? Uhm hum-m-m Well, in the preparation of the turkey (the main dish of the meal), some seasoning had to be applied first, right? Then it had to set a while to allow the seasoning to go all through, right? Then the turkey had to bake so many hours to reach a certain degree of doneness. Then it had to set out for a while to allow the juices to settle, right? (because if you didn’t it would be dry) Then while the turkey was being put through various states of preparation, the rest of the meal was being prepared so that a full-fledged feast was put before hungry diners.


I choose to look at waiting in the Christian life the same way. We do not know what stage of preparation we are in, do we? But, we do know that we are being prepared for going home with the Lord as we go through various preparation phases. Ooh, that’s deep y’all! Now, I find that the waiting is not so bad now. I can still smell the aroma of anticipation, but I can wait, for I know that my waiting will not be in vain! Wow, y’all, my muse is working with me, yet again, to help me and to help you! Okay, that’s it! I’m outta here. Got a song coming up in my brain and going to bellow it out and wake up the chickens or whatever birds are late rising this fine morning.
Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones
Aside - Remember that if you are waiting for something in this life, it is not time for it. It will be when it will be, in the meantime give yourself to what is at hand and allow seasoning time.
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