Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's Praying Time!

Poetry speaks to each individual according to the backdrop of each life.


She thought she walked alone


Down the lonely road


Couldn't see her traveling companions


Who helped her carry her heavy load.




Walks in the midst of a task force


Sent to shelter, protect and guide


Ask not where she goes or what she does


For she has angels by her side.


The scenario that I painted in this poem gives strength to my heart. May it bless yours as well. As always, BYDWP (Begin your day with prayer.) Then go enjoy your morning coffee.


Doing What I Can, While I Can

Alma Jones


Aside – I could have taken the scenario presented in the highlighted verse of the poem above and made a nice little narrative from it. I chose not to because I wanted to underscore the fact that “If you are the Lord’s child, no matter what comes up in your life, He sees; He knows and He is handling it. So take your “situations” and write a pleasant heart strengthening narrative. Write the ending the way you would want it to end. Just that simple task of joyful creation, I hope, will underscore my favorite word, ultimately. And by now, from reading my blog posts daily you know, that that word means to me that “God’s got it!” If you are His, then nothing and no one can tear you out of His arms! You just keep on trusting and praying, through whatever dilemmas you are faced with, whether now, or from time to time. When you get thru praying, I said when you get through praying, then stand back and see Him move! (I don't not mean to imply that the Lord will move very quickly, for He does things in His own good time.) I DO mean to say though, that He will make everything alright, so alright that you will be like I am sometimes. You just cannot hold inside of you what He has done for you, how He made a way for you! And that is a good thing, you know why, because it may help somebody else who is struggling.

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