Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Heavy Load

Good morning to all! I don’t know what a typical day entails for you, as we live under various political systems. I usually do not say very much about political systems, as such; however, I will say this. If a system operates so as to keep its people beaten down, it is only a matter of time before said system is toppled. If a system is so regimented that its people cannot read the Holy Writ without fear of reprisal, that system is flawed and destined for trouble. The Holy Writ says, “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, I will hear from heaven…” I loosely paraphrased the above quote, but you get my drift. All I am saying is, “It’s praying time!”


The above thought could lead us into our poem for today or not. That is one of the things that is so beautiful about poetry. It speaks to each individual according to the backdrop of each life.


She thought she walked alone


Down the lonely road


Couldn't see her traveling companions


Who helped her carry her heavy load.



The poem above is the one that I asked you to look at on yesterday. I asked you what you thought that this poem meant. I could ask you questions and then wait for you to answer, but I think not. I think that today, we shall take this poem and present scenarios that stir your imagination and/or strengthen your heart. Okay?


“She thought she walked alone,” is a line that seems to say that there is a member of the female gender who is walking by herself, or so she thinks. We don’t know her age, other than to safely assume, that she is not a toddler. We can garner that from the second line, which says, “Down the lonely road.” (Suggestive of being alone, but desirous of companionship.) Very few people, if any would knowingly allow a toddler to walk alone down a road and too, for the road to be perceived as lonely, that suggests a person older than a toddler. Don’t you agree? Uhm hum-m Now, moving right along.


 “Couldn't see her traveling companions,” lets us know that the female of our poem does indeed have companions going along with her down this road, but she cannot see them nor hear them. ( If she could hear them, she would know that she was not alone.) I use the word them because companion, from our poem has an s on it. The most probable reason for not being able to see nor hear the companions would be to be blind and deaf, right? Again, that is just not plausible. If she were blind and deaf going down a road, more than likely, she would have someone, in this case several someones, with her. Why do I say that? Well, I said that she was walking down a lonely road, not street, thoroughfare, etc. A road denotes a rural area with rocks for road covering and snakes possibly along the path or a wild animal or two. This could be a possible scenario, but not a plausible one, I think.


“Who helped her carry her heavy load,” lets us know that she has some help with her load. That line brings to mind, the question of the type of load that she is carrying.  It garners the thought that her load may be figurative. Well, why do I say that, someone might ask. Okay. Let’s look at what we have been presented with so far. If you have ever carried a type of load and had some help carrying it, you know that no matter how you try to sync your steps, someone will step too soon or misstep and make the load sway or pull you a bit to the right or left. Right? Sure it is!


I said that I wanted to stir your imagine and strengthen your heart, right? Well, I think that your imagination has been stirred by the possible scenarios that we have discussed. I further think that that is all we will do for today. What I would like for you to do for me is to build me a paragraph or two (longer if you like) from the poem using any of the scenarios that we presented. The only thing that you must do is present something that strengthens your heart.

Until tomorrow then… (When I use this phrase, it means, without a doubt, “If it is the Lord’s will.”)


Doing What I Can, While I Can

Alma Jones


Aside - I did tell you that, if you stuck with me, you would begin to enjoy poetry, didn’t I? (tee hee) Yes, I see that it is beginning to work. Yep, surely do! How do I know? Why by the looks on your faces? (Tee hee hee) Stop that! You are going to make me laugh out loud hard! (Tee hee hee) No! Once and for all, I do not have a crystal ball where I can look into your home, nor  phone, nor  camera to see your expression on your face! (Ha Ha Ha Aha Aha Aha) What did you cover that camera for! That did it! I’m laughing loud and long!  (Aha Ha ha ha Aha, ha ha ha ha-a-a-, ha-a, ha! Aha! Aha!)
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