Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yesterday I Was Told...

 Dobroye utro!  That is the way that you say "Good morning" in Russian. I wanted to acknowledge the huge fan base that I have acquired there. I do appreciate your readership of my blog and your stepping up to the challenges that I issue from time to time. We will visit the question posed to you on yesterday on Monday. I wanted to be sure that I gave an ample amount of time for my readers to rise to the challenge, so I included the weekend.

Now, for the blog for today.  Yesterday, I went for a job interview.  This was the one time in my life that I had a job interview and was not nervous at all. I settled into the inteeview and readily answered the questions asked. Some of the questions had complex answers and would have given a person who does not like to think trouble. I answered the questions in short form at first, then when prompted for further information, I expounded upon said question. I was given several compliments upon my answers during the interview process. Then came the question! "Can you do this job without mentioning God or any type of spirituality?" I answered that I could but that I would not do that. The interviewer's countenance immediately changed! Then he explained to me that this was not allowed by his company and so on and so forth. I was told to use the terms, "right and wrong" when dealing with issues of morality or violation of a person's rights.

Let me tell you folks that it took every ounce of will power that I had to take the time and explain my position without heat. I finally ended up saying that I would not mention GOD unless the client brought it up first. But you know, I wonder what kind of a society are we building when we teach the masses to not mention the Lord. I had to reassure the interviewer that I would stick to my word. I thought to my self that if he knew what he had sitting in front of him in me, he would know that I do a job extremely well that I am paid for and I did verbalize that thought to him. And there is something else that he would know, he would know...

So, do I get the job or no? I do not know and am not bothered about it. If it is meant for me to do so, I will get it. If not, then I won't and I told him that when he informed me that he would call me by next week, whether the news was good or bad. What I said to him was something to the effect that what ever he said it would be good because it would be the Lord's will. He gave me a puzzled look for a moment, as if I were a strange cookie. Ha! I am and proud to be so. I had told him earlier in the interview that when people met me, to size me up, I usually left an impression that they would not soon forget. (Of course, that is if I wanted to. At other times, I have chosen to leave them guessing and wondering what made me tick, especially if I were a little in awe of them. But that is neither here nor there.) I could go on, but I won't. We shall see, won't we?

For Pondering:
And there is something else that he would know, he would know...
What can you infer from the above italicized statement? This is an open ended question. I would like for you to give reasons for your inferences. Use supported fact, reading between the lines, etc. for your answer. Do not, I repeat, do not go for the obvious conclusion. You have just been given an example of the type of reasoning and questioning that was a part of Mrs. Alma's classroom and is still a part of her life.

Another question he asked me was if I could deal with open ended questions. I think we covered that sufficiently, don't you? Tee hee

Doing What I Can, While I  Can
Alma Jones

Aside - No, I did not forget your poem for today. I just figured that I had given you enough to puzzle over. If you feel differently, then you can let me know and I will rectify the situation in the future.

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