Saturday, November 7, 2015

When You Meet

When you meet someone in actuality, through a blog or as a character in a book, who  utters words that touch your soul, arrest your mind and change your life, rest assured, you have been touched by the Master. You, my friend, have just become the recipient of, what I like to call, a care package from heaven. Sometimes, when you receive such a care package, it shakes you to your core. And at other times you wonder if it were a chance happening or just, what gives? But as it happens more frequently, you will be reminded that our Blessed Savior yet lives. The more that it happens to you, the greater the need within you to tell somebody, anybody about the Savior's love and His infinite care for you.

Don't feel stressed or worried about the need 
To share His goodness with your fellowman
He wants us to lift Him up and to do it
Any way we can.

He said, "If I be lifted up
I'll draw all men unto me"
So you are doing His will
Don't you see?

Sometimes when I am trying to write a quick exposition of prose, the poetess in me takes over and something like the above poem is what you see. I've long since learned not to question whatever format my bragging on Him may take. I just live to do His will, for a home in heaven, for me He does make. Okay, folks, I am shutting this blog down now, because the poetess in me has something she wants to say. Tee hee The last time I felt the urge this strongly to write poetry, I ended up doing twenty-three poems before the urge was appeased. I didn't complain about it at all because I knew that He was inordinately pleased. You see, there I go again, until tomorrow, my fellowman.

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Time to Ponder:

  1. What is the underlying message of the poem? What portion of the poem supports your answer?
  2. Does the poet believe that surreal influences can be felt in the writing of a literary piece? Substantiate your answer with a paragraph.
  3. To whom is the poem addressed?
  4. Expound upon why you think the poetess ended the poem when she did?
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