Monday, November 30, 2015

Something to Sing About

Hello everyone. I missed coffee time with you this morning and I do apologize for that. Life got in the way, again. IPad went on the blink, could not connect to Safari.

Well, today is the last on our song, Blessed Assurance. Let’s recap a little bit over the last three days’ blog. Someone said, "How dare you sing. What chu got to be so happy about? To that I say, "How dare I not sing? Since you asked me what I had to sing about, I will tell you:

1.       We are of great importance to the Lord, as a matter of fact, more than the sparrows, lilies and the ravens. We are so important, in fact, that HE died for you and for me. I don’t know about you, but I was taught to say and show thankfulness when someone does something nice for me.  That is what I am doing for the Lord. He not only died for me, but He is still mindful of me. He watches over me and cares about when I am happy or sad.  He sometimes does things just to see me smile. He knows that I want to thank Him, so He gives me tasks to do for Him so that I can feel useful as I work in His vineyard to pay on my debt that I owe Him. Even though He knows that I can never repay the debt, in fact that it was paid in full a long time ago, He still allows me to feel useful and feel like good about my service to Him because He knows that I want to please Him.

2.      Second thought to sing about is that of preparation. He is preparing a place for me so that I can live in His presence eternally. As I told you in yesterday’s blog, nothing but peace and joy will be there for all of the former heartaches will be passed away.

3.      Third thing to sing about is that I’ve got a trip waiting on me. I’m going to be carried by the angels to paradise. Since I can’t walk through air and sit on a cloud, I’m going to be amazed while the angels are spiriting me home. If I can, I said that if I can, I’m gonna be looking all around. But, who knows, it may be in the twinkling of an eye and I may not get to see anything.  That’s okay too. You know why? It’s not really about the trip; its about the end result. I get to be with Jesus. I get to have the Lord wipe all of my tears away, never to sorrow again. It’s gonna be grand, folks. I won’t have to say any more goodbyes. Woo! I feel my song cranking up on the inside. It’ll jump out in a hum in a minute and then into a full blown song! I can’t help myself; it’s just like fire shut up in my bones and if I can’t talk about it, it erupts in song!

4.      I could go on with my things to sing about, but I will stop with this last one.  If you will allow your mind to travels back down thru the annals of your mind and ferret out those happy, happy days that you have enjoyed on this planet, the times when you were so giddy with happiness that you wanted to shout, run, skip and sing all at the same time and be reminded:

5.      As great as these things were not and do not even begin to compare with the happy joys that the Lord has prepared for us.

Yes, I have something to sing about! I can sing about His love and how He has brought me just because He loves me. You see folks, I don’t mind telling you that the Motto of my life is DEI Sub Numine Viget (Under GOD’s Spirit, She Flourishes). You see I’ve had some mountains to climb and some valleys to go through and He brought me and I acknowledge His bringing me by the use of such words. That is why, on most of my blogs you will see me end them with these words, “Doing What I Can, While I Can. That simply means that I have a debt of love to pay (for all He has brought me through and for His blood). And though it was paid a long time ago, I still owe Him a life of service because of the price He paid for my salvation. That means that I am going to keep on doing what I do until I cannot do any more. For one day, the great trump is gonna sound and the clouds will show forth a precious cargo, the cargo of my Savior coming back like He said He would! That’s why I can sing “Blessed Assurance.” I can sing Alma’s song! Gotta go folks! The song is fairly bursting within me to be let out! Until tomorrow then…

Doing What I Can, While I Can,

Alma Jones

 This is my story

This is my song

Praising my Savior

All day long

This is my story

This is my, my, my (Actual words of song say, “This is my song.”)

This is Alma’s song (Not in actual song at all)

Praising her Savior her whole life long. (Actual song says, Praising my Savior all the day long.)

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