Sunday, November 29, 2015

Not Welcome in Heaven

Hey Pain! Hey Heartache! Hey Trouble, Disillusionment, Heartbreak and all the rest of your clan! News Flash! Y'all won't be welcome in heaven and I'm going there! You won't get to bother me there because y'all can't even get in the gates!  So y'all just, ha ha, read the song that follows this line and weep!

Heir of salvation
Purchase of God
Born of His Spirit
Washed in His blood.

Good morning blog readers! Today is a day of worship for me, as it is for most of you, but I wanted to give a shoutout to you early to give you something else to carry with you in your arsenal of faith.
As you can see, I took the liberty of calling out some of the rascals that make our walk with the Lord difficult. I just wanted to tell them and to remind you that we have bragging rights that they don't have! (Jeremiah 9:24) We are heirs of salvation, as is stated in the first line of the portion of the song (Blessed Assurance) that we are dealing with today. Not only are we heirs with bragging rights, but we have been purchased by God! And just how did He purchase us? We learned on yesterday why He purchased us and today we learn how He purchased us.

Do you remember the woman in the Bible who had suffered with an issue of blood for 12 long years? (Luke 8:43-47) Well, what happened to her when she had the faith just to touch the hem of a garment that Jesus wore? Right! She was made whole! Now get this point that I am trying to make. If His garment could make her whole, then what about His blood? Um-hum! I think I said something then, didn't I?  We, if we know Him and are His, have ALREADY come in contact with His blood. That makes us some kind of special doesn't it? Yep! It does! And you know what else? They know it too, the clan that I called out at the beginning of this blog, I mean. Woohoo! Born of His Spirit and washed in His blood! Folks, that means that He has put His mark on us! Yes, I am proud to be His and proud to wear His name. See me strutting my stuff?  Woohoo!

He told me in His word that I am of more value than the sparrows, the raven and the lily. (yesterday's blog) Jesus did not just talk a good game; He backed up His teaching(talk) with action by allowing me to be reborn of His Spirit and being washed in His supernatural blood! Just think folks; we have been washed in the blood of, not only a God, but The God! So yes! Yes, I am assured, for the blood of Jesus covers me and He is preparing a home for me and you too! And all I have to say to the clan that I opened this blog by mentioning them is this: "Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, you-u can't co-ome!

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones
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