Saturday, November 28, 2015

Blessed Assurance (Pt. 1)

Good morning all! Hope you hand a nice holiday. I did! I got to wrap my arms around my son, who lives half a country away and my daughter, who has recently left the nest. Got the chance to put them both under my mother's intuitive "sensoscope." Those of you who are mothers know what I am talking about. The others of you, trust me; there is such a thing. It's inexplicable, but nonetheless, it's there.

I am going to do a  double blog entry today. I told you that we would do a 4 or 5 day series on "Blessed Assurance" and we will begin that today. However, I want to include an added segment to today's blog for a special group of parents. Okay?

Blessed Assurance

Now to "Blessed Assurance", the song that moved me as I sang it the other day. I hope it touches and reassures you as well. The part of the song that we will be dealing with today is highlighted in blue below:

Blessed Assurance
Jesus is mine
Oh what a foretaste
Of glory divine.

Blessed Assurance" says that He died for us. This means that He values us now and did it enough back on Calvary to make us His. Luke, Chapter 14 says that we are of more value than the raven, the lily and the sparrow. That chapter further assures us of his care by mentioning how he takes care of the sparrow, the lily and the raven. It point blank tells us that we are more important to Him!  It says that we are wrapped in His love. It says that no matter what this life may hurl at us or put us through, He has a place that He is preparing for us. It  says that He loves us and wants us with Him as His children. Here's the thing, if He loved us back then and assured that we remember that by giving us His book, the Holy Writ, so that we can be reminded of this fact and be assured in the here and now, I'm going to stand on that love. That is some kind of love folks. We have the love of a God and not just any God but The God! I'm not going to be bothered by much for too long. All I have to remember to do is to look at Luke, Chapter 14.  One last thing on Blessed Assurance for today - we are going home folks... We know that one day, one sweet, sweet day, He's gonna send His angels, He's gonna...   As you think about this blog until tomorrow, remember this; the joys that we can imagine (foretaste) are nothing compared to what actually will be...

Alma L. Jones (@Jonesa54Jones)
For those family circles
That have waxed incomplete
To ease the pain of the ones left
Is the request of this Tweet.

Oh Lord! My Soul Hurts Right Now!
There was a seat empty at the Thanksgiving table! Nothing is so heart wrenching as that of a parent mourning for the loss of a child. Whatever type of loss it is, it hurts badly. If the child is deceased, locked away in an institution of some sort, away in the armed services, etc. The empty seat still speaks volumes. Though the type of loss affects the degree of severity of the hurt, the loss is painful, nevertheless. If you are Jesus's  friend, then you already have a relationship with Him. If the loss is not permanent, then you have to buck yourself up and stay in close contact with the Lord, for your child, whereever on this planet they may be, needs your prayers like never before. You have to be one of those praying Mommas/Daddys that we have heard the old folks talk about. You have to spend time on your knees and in your closet. It's praying time now. No time for crying. You have to be strong for the rest of the family, your other children, if you have them and people's souls who may look up to you. You would not want one of the other children telling your child who wants to come home and can't right now, that Momma cries all of the time now/Daddy cusses and/or stays drunk a lot. You don't want to be the cause of someone losing their faith either. I know; sometimes, we get hit so hard that we don't understand and can barely think straight. This is one of those wounds upon the soul that gape. Yet, Jesus knows! Jesus cares and He will make everything alright. So don't lose your faith; keep your chin up; remember the sparrows and keep talking to your God, your Friend, Jesus! He will ease your pain and make the hurt so that you can bear it and He will give you peace. God bless you and keep you...
Until tomorrow then.

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones
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