Saturday, October 31, 2015

You Can't Do It, Can You?

All of us are given
Different tasks to perform 
What's routine for me
May not even be your norm.

But you know folks 
I learned a long time ago 
Not to judge another
For the work done in his shoes
Because I might do similar or worse 
If for the task, me, He decided to choose.

By now, you know me to be His teacher at heart, or so I'd like to believe. So, that is why I place messages within my poems for you to ferret out and I like to teach you the love of poetry as my verses I spout. For who knows, you may find a hidden talent within yourself that you knew nothing about. And discover that the path that you thought was yours, has been detouredand you have to take a different route.

Okay, I give up! I was trying to write you a small piece of prose to talk about the beauty of poetry and the joy of writing for Him, but the poems will not go away, so I give over to them!

Alma's challenge for you:
Can you take the two paragraphs written above and place them as verses in a poem? Bet you are not up to it! Yep! Ha ha! You let my little ole brain outthink yours again! 

Oh, so you think you can do it, huh? Well, the proof is in the pudding, I say! Tee hee

Aside - Just one of the tactics that I used in my classroom with my students to make them think more. As I told you long ago, "All the world is a classroom to me. Sometimes I am a teacher and sometimes I am a student. But one thing about it, I try to be always prudent. Why? He is coming back again and we all want to be ready for that, don't we? 

So, humor me from day to day because, to heaven, I'm on my way. And I'd like to take you with me when in the land of time, we have ended our stay.

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones
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