Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nothing Like It

Good morning across the globe! I'm excited! Why, you say? Why not? HE woke me up; HE sustains(Ed) me in HIS arms; HE is my battleaxe; HE...  Um-m hum-m, I don't have to say anymore do I? Thought not.

Today is Sunday and you know that on Sunday, I attend worship service and get my praise on! You too? Yes, well let's make some noise for HIM! People will be looking at us and saying or thinking, "Wonder what's gotten into her/him."  (tee hee)

I'm gonna sing loudly because when  things go amiss in my life, I cry loudly to HIM. SO, AS I SAID, GONNA GIVE HIM GLORY AND PRAISE FOR MY BEING!

Got so many songs running through my mind, gonna settle on a snippet that I wrote, "Ultimately." Yep, that will do nicely for now.

Gotta run; its biscuit time around here! Folks are stirring...

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Aside- Go to worship today and open yourself up for the full blessing of HIS love. There ain't nothin in this world like being enveloped in HIS love, nothin!

Um-m-mm! Changed my mind about my song. Humming right now, "I've Got A Feeling That Everything's Gonna Be Alright!"
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