Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I'm Determined

Good morning everyone! It is "Humpday", as they say. Two more days and then your weekend begins. But, what are we rushing through the days and weeks for? I heard someone say, a long time ago, "Not to be rushing your life away." I looked at them like they were nuts and thought as much. I remember thinking, "There is more to life than this job, if you love it so much then you spend the weekend here! Me, I have a life!"

But you know folks, the passage of time has taught me that they were right in some respect. We are beings with a finite end and everyday that passes, pushes us toward our end. And it is coming, whether we are comfortable with the fact or no. Since I have gotten older, I have learned to take time, for family, myself and most importantly, time for my work for the Lord. After all, it is like He hired me  to work in His vineyard and I have to complete my tasks. I would not like for it to be said, that Alma's portion of the vineyard does not look as well as the next person's.

So I am determined to enjoy my journey as I make my way down my row in this vineyard. I'm determined to do what I can while I can, for tomorrow is not promised. I'm determined to do all that I can in hopes of  things culminating on that great day when the scroll is pulled out, the constraints of times are clipped away and reading begins from the Book of Life. I will be waiting for my name during the roll call. I will be listening when they call my name. I will rejoice when He takes His hand and with tenderness, wipes the tears from my eyes. I will be listening for those words that have kept me going during my trek through time, "Well done, MY good and faithful servant!" That folks, will be enough for me. I, who love to sing, will walk around and sing my song of joy, a song of joy such as has never been sung before!

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

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