Thursday, September 17, 2015

Singing All the Way

On whatever journeys I have gone through in life, I have taken a song with me. The song is usually commensurate with the situation that I find myself in. So just like life comes at you in various ways,  I have a ready repertoire of  heartfelt songs.  The encapsulation of my songs could be placed under the category of "Faith", just as the encapsulation of my life's motto could be. DEI Sub Numine Viget is my life's motto (Under GOD's Spirit She Flourishes.) My Christian work ethic is: Doing What I Can, While I Can (There again, faith-based). My favorite life word, "Ultimately",  is faith-based as well.
I have hit upon bits and pieces of this in my blog, but never directly. I hope that as we go through this week's or so blog sessions, that I will leave you with something to help sustain you on your Chtistian journey, as we strive to make heaven our home.

Be blessed and BYDWP.

Doing What I Can While I Can
Alma Jones

Aside - Today's song is "We've Come This Far By Faith.
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