Sunday, September 13, 2015

After Bite

You know how literary people use the term afterthought. Well, the word that I want to call your attention to today is, "after-bite."  This word is not used as often as often as some, but it will serve our purposes very well today.

Allow me to whet your senses, if I may. Ready?
Okay, if you like the smell of lemon, then you know what it smells like when it comes out of the flavor bottle, what it smells like as a lemon pound cake is baking, the taste of the ooey-chewy goodness of a lemon filled jelly doughnut, etc. Well, what I want to tantalize your senses with right now is what happens when you take a slice of  7Up pound cake a day or two after it has been baked and run it into the microwave  for about 15 seconds. Of course, the lemon is aroused afresh creating an avid desire for the first taste of that warm morsel upon your tongue. Then when the piece of cake enters the oriface of your mouth, how the lemon flavor meanders to both sides of your tongue and playfully does a sugary waltz down the sides of your tongue to culminate on the back of your tongue, then gracefully slides down your throat giving your tastebuds one last caress in the process. That, my friend is lemony bliss. Hope you enjoyed your taste sensation ride, for I have just described for you, the 7 Up pound cake "after-bite."

Enjoy your "after bite" each time the memory comes forth in your mind. Tee Hee
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