Monday, April 13, 2015

Just Because Final

Good morning! Good morning! Top of the morning to you! Today is a new day that the LORD has made! A day that we have never seen before and I'm glad about it! You too? Good, because we need to go forth saying that this is going to be a good day! I want you to say that even when not so nice things happen, such as someone swerving in front of you and getting your parking place that you clearly were aiming for, or having someone poke you with their umbrella rudely and never apologizing, or receiving a call from school that your child is being sent home for fighting, or your best friend deciding that he/she no longer values your friendship and is moving on, or your boss calling you into the office to impart the news that someone (clearly your inferior) is receiving the promotion that you had pretty much been promised, or any of a myriad of things that can go wrong and often do.

I want you to say something like, "Okay LORD, that lady Alma whose blog I have been reading said to just give everything over to you. She said to trust YOU because YOU always work things out. Now, I don't know how YOU are going to work this out, but I give over to YOUR will for my life. I ask YOU, LORD to help me through this day and all of my days and make me be able to graciously accept and work through the adverse things that may happen. Please make my faith grow by leaps and bounds as I learn to depend on YOU. Prosper my way so that I may use it to YOUR glory. In YOUR name, I pray. Amen!" If you pray a similar  prayer during all of your adverse times, you will find that HE gradually works things out and things don't bother you the way they used to. You will find that people will start to come to you and say things like, "How do you stay so calm in situations like this?", etc. Then my friend, you will realize what it feels like to have other people watching you and have their faith grow by judging your reaction to things! You might think, "What?! Don't watch me! I'm just trying to make it myself!" No dear friend, you have become a person to emulate! Yes, that is an awesome responsibility, isn't it? Uh-hum-m, but you will get joy and added strength in knowing that your troubles and botherations have not only helped you but have helped someone else as well.

"Balderdash!", you say? O-oka-ay, well think about this for me, will you? Haven't you ever seen someone whose shoes you were glad that you were not in? Someone that you thought to yourself in wonderment and in admiration, "He/she surely does have strong faith!  I don't think that I could do this or that. Sure you have! We have all thought similar thoughts. Well, you my friend, have just become that person to someone else! Daunting isn't it?! I know... But you get used to it after a while and then you walk resolutely on, knowing that "All things work together for good for those that love the LORD." And further knowing that you have to keep going because someone of lesser faith is looking at you and assessing your reaction and emulating you! And yes, though they don't know it yet, their faith is being strengthened by their watching you! Wow! That is really something to wrap your brain around isn't it this fine morning?!

But here is the piercing sweetness of the situation. If you had never had any adverse times, then people would never have looked at you to marvel at your faith! Makes sense doesn't it? I know-w...
Remember that I told you earlier in this series that nothing you do is to no avail. Well the scenario that I just presented proves my point. With your every action and reaction, you are leading somebody somewhere! It has been said that, "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown." That simply means that when people look up to you, whether you want them to or not, that becomes a heavy responsibility, but not unbearable. And you never carry that weight alone, if you know the LORD, that is. Whew! I am going to finish this topic in this blog today, but this could have gone into another day! You know? Wow! Did I say that I used to be quiet? That is almost laughable, isn't it? It's okay; you can laugh; I'm snickering myself. Tee hee hee (I graduated in a class of 525. In that class, I was voted second quietest! I guess I am making up for all of those years of being quiet. Lol)

So, all kidding aside, now that you know that there is a reason for your adverse times, when your journey gets hard and you can't run anymore, walk. If you can't walk, crawl! But you keep on praying, crying when you have to, but you keep on going because one day! All of this will be over... So, put those tears away; pack them up in your tear rucksack. That is the place where I keep my tears that do not want to go away, you know those hurts that can surface when you least expect them to and shake your soul to its core.  I figure that those are the tears that GOD said that HE would wipe away.

One day there will be no more tears, no more pain, no more funerals...when we "...enter into the joys of the LORD."
Paraphrasing here, "For eyes have not seen, nor ears heard the joys that the LORD hath prepared for those that love HIM."...W.O.W.!

And you, my friend have just become the recipient of a Care package from heaven via my heart to yours. Be blessed and be a blessing for nothing you do is to no avail.

Until we meet...

Doing What I Can, While I Can
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