Monday, March 9, 2015

A Blessing is on the Way

On Sunday, March 15, I will explain the blessing that I mentioned to you in my blog on yesterday  morning. Fair enough?  But for now, I want to bless you with a poem that is near to my heart. Before I give you the poem, I want to remind you that it pays to be faithful to GOD because HE is faithful to us. And as I have said many times before, this world is not permanent for us.  We are pilgrims passing through.  Having said that, I want you to go on a trip with me.  That is exactly what my poem will do for you. It will take you on an imaginary trip. All I ask you to do, is to give yourself up to it and read it in its entirety. I think that the splendor experienced by the person in the poem will be rewarding to you. Here we go...

Heading for That Rise

I'm on my way home with joy in my step
I'm getting closer to my journey's end
It's the thought of heaven that has always kept
Me plodding on through many a storm and contrary wind.

Joy quickens my soul; I'm headed for that rise
For when I get to the top of the mountain
I'm headed to a meeting in the skies.

You can't stop me now; I'm on the run
My struggles are just about over 
And my race is just about run.

It was hard scaling valleys and climbing high mountains
But hallelujah folks, I can see the waters
Of that great crystal fountain.

All I have to do is climb this last hill and them I'm home
Glory to GOD, folks, the Angels are coming to meet me
To show me that I'm not alone
Move over enemy; you can't stop me now
I see the wonders of Glory
And all I can say is, "W.O.W.!"

1 Corinthians 2:9

Until we meet...
Doing What I Can, While I Can 

Aside: You see! Those of you who just did not think that you liked poetry. Aha! You liked the poem that I just presented to you! Didn't you?!  Uhm hum. You will become a poetry lover yet. (Smile)

I didn't take the liberty of breaking this poem down for you with leading/thought provoking  questions. If you would rather I did, drop me a comment on my blog or my email and I'll do just that.

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