Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snowy? Yeah! Icy? Yeah! Blessed? Yeah!

Good morning to all of my blog readers and a special hello to all of the readers from the warm climes! Ha! Ha! Yes, it is snowed in here in Tennessee, we are. But we are warm, dry, well-fed, prayed up and thankful. Snow and ice has crippled the area where I live, but that's okay. It is just a reminder that HE is still in control. It is a gentle reminder that HE can decorate the landscape in any locale with whatever strikes HIS fancy. HE is GOD! Ya know?

How have you been since we last met on the pages of my blog? I hope that means a resounding, "Doing okay!" from most of you. To the ones that didn't immediately chime in with, "Okay.", the ones who had to think about the answer before you decided if you have been doing okay or not, I say, "Hang in there!" I always try to remember that GOD didn't bring me to it to leave me by myself to do it.  Psalms 46 says in verse 10, "Be still and know that I am GOD!"  Alrighty then! To me HE is saying, that no matter what men may try to do whether it be good or bad, HE is the one that all decisions, actions, etc. stop at.  When I read that profound statement, it says to me, "Alma Jones, take whatever you are even thinking about being bothered about and lay it at GOD's feet.  HE will take care of you and it. It doesn't matter what it is, HE will handle it and handle it with finesse, like HE has so many times in your life!" So to all of my blog readers, don't forget to remember that HE cares and that HE is able!

One more thing, there is a song that I have been singing this entire week by Mary Mary entitled, In the Morning. If you don't know it, download it and really, I mean really listen to the words. The message in the words of this song will carry you back to heights of joyful belief that you may have thought you might not ever see again. Okay? Whoo! I feel the urge to bellow that song out coming on strong. Have I been singing that song this morning already? And you know this! Gonna sing it some more too! You can join me! Tee hee We don't have to be songbirds. We can just offer up some joyful praise! Let's go! Hit it! There you go; there you go! See if you don't feel better after singing that song through a couple of times. It may turn out that this is a song that you may want to add to your arsenal of faith. Never know...

Well, take care of yourself. As much as I am enjoying talking to you, I have to cut it short. ...I guess you can tell. I do so love reaching out to people and chatting with them.

Until we meet...

Doing What I Can, While I Can

 Remember that I told you about an upcoming speaking event? Well, I did do the speaking at the Old Fulton Rd Church of Christ Black History Program and all went well, praise GOD. I lit into that speech with a well aimed intensity like there was no tomorrow, but...I did it in a soft fireside chat format. The audience seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it. They were very complimentary about it.  One lady, who I had known for years and had always looked up to, told me that she was glad to know me! Okay?...  I don't mind telling you that the night before, I had been as nervous as a hog during hog killing time. Whew! Then I did what I had always been taught to do, I turned it over to the LORD and left it there (I prayed!) and I just finished telling you the end result!
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