Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oh, I Forgot to Tell You

You know my latest book, A Suspenseful Paranormal Event? Well, I got my first review on it and it was five stars! Wow, y'all! I'm so hoping that it does well and it does my heart good to know that people are waiting for the sequel. Waiting, I tell you, waiting! And they want me to hurry with it! Tee hee That does make me want to jump right into working on the sequel some more. I had started on it, but only had gotten as far as eight and one-half pages. I had put it down and let it get cold on me because I didn't know if the readers would like it or not. Well, I needed not have bothered wondering, because when I went back to it, it was so good to me, that I wondered what was going to happen next in the story, myself! You see, even though I am the author, the characters go where they want to sometimes, using their gut instinct. So I have not (or Mariel and Wally haven't) decided if they will have enough adventures to fill an entire book or just another short story. I think that I will let my public help Mariel and Wally decide. Again, thank you for all of your support and maybe I will get to thank you in person someday.

Oh yeah, remember the lady that I told you that said to me that she was glad to know me? Well, I didn't tell you what else she said.  She said, get this now, that I needed to do motivational speaking on a business level. She told me that I was that good! I just stared open mouthed at her and then shut my mouth. Then I remembered my manners and demurely thanked her. My brain is still trying to wrap itself around that one. Okay?...
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