Sunday, January 25, 2015

One More Day!

A gracious good morning to you! I am exuberant this morning! Why? BECAUSE!!!!
  • I'm not yet pushing up daisies.
  • I still get to share my good news of my best FRIEND.
  • I still get to worship today.
  • I still get to be an encourager.
  • I still get to travel on my journey and get to peek around the bend in anticipation of "what happens next."
  • I still get to write, which is like breathing to me.  I mean, I get to think up scenarios and breathe life into new characters and see them make their debut onto the literary scene.
  • Most importantly, in recapitulation, I get to experience the joy of the intricacies (great and small) of the love of my GOD, my FATHER and my FRIEND!
Ya know, being a writer, I have a very fertile imagination. So it really gives me joy to ponder, imagine and anticipate what the LORD meant when the Bible mentions that  "HE is preparing for us, things that we cannot imagine! Just because we love HIM!"
Wow! How can I not be exuberant? You feel me?
Woo hoo! Gotta go prepare for worship! Gonna sing, sing, sing and rejoice in praise. Hope you have a great day in worship, as well. If you haven't tried it, you ought to. You will find that you love it! What? Why, loving HIM, of course!

BYDWP (Begin your day with prayer.)

Until we meet...
Doing What I Can, While I Can 

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