Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Early Morning Riser

     Good morning! I am an early morning riser. I find that I do my best writing in the wee hours of the morning. Also, I try to leave you a message on the blog early enough so that you can look at it before you go to work or at whatever time is convenient for you. If I put it on early, it will be there when you go to look for it, you know?
     I received a positive response from yesterday's blog. Thank you, Brownie for the courtesy of a positive response. It does help to get feedback from you because it lets me know that the blog is being read and acted upon. It also encourages me to do more. So thanks to all of the ones that have responded over the years.
     I love God! I know that you know that and I'm pretty sure that you do, too. But sometimes, I think that I need to tell the world how I feel about Him in His awesomeness. I love His Omnipotence, Justice, Righteousness, and Lovingkindness. I love it when He opens the deep meaning of His word to my mind so that I can discern a given thing. He is awesome, is He not? And I love Him, from the way that He continually enfolds us in His love by keeping the invisible barrier in place for the sea so that it does not overrun the land where mankind is, to the way that He fills our minds with technology to come up with new things to help make life easier for us all. I can imagine the excitement of Alexander Graham Bell when he talked on his phone for the first time or the excitement of the first electric light. I remember when the first fax machine came out. I was simply amazed! Some people around me could not conceive of how I could be amazed by that fact. And I guess I mentioned it so much that at one teachers' meeting one of my male colleagues asked me, "Just what is it that is so fascinating about a fax. It is just a piece of paper. I just don't get it." Some others laughed a bit, but I came right back with an explanation. I said, "Well, it is like this. I cannot understand how I can write something and put it in a fax machine and that electricity gets every pixel right and produces an image that is the exact replica of what I drew or wrote. I mean the electricity does not get mixed up and put a "p" where I had an "x," etc. One of the other teachers piped up with, "Well, it is sort of interesting when you look at it that way." Another one said, "Only Alma could have us discussing fax machines with such seriousness, but you gotta love her." To that reply, we all giggled.
     Another thing that I could marvel at, if I let myself, is a cell phone. Here's why. When I put a series of digits in that phone, it goes directly to the house or person that I am sending it too. The circuits do not get confused and stop at a gas station on the way or go to the local bakery or John Q. Bilbows house instead. How do the circuits flow through the air and never get intertwined? Do you realize how many cell phones are in use at a given time in the world? You know how I explain it all. God!!!! What's to love about Him? Everything...
     Do I have a point to this post this morning? Yes, I do. You see if you can figure it out and get back to me on tomorrow. If you cannot, not to worry. I will give you the point on tomorrow if the Lord wills. I will give you a hint though, it has to do with His love. Oops! I already said too much. Some of you will have the point figured out before this post gets cold. Tee hee

An Early Riser Who is Doing What She Can, While She Can Because She Cares,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones
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