Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Latest One

In my excitement, I forgot to say, "Good morning." Well, consider it said! (tee hee)

 This is the covering for my new book! Isn't it lovely? God's grace.

Learning the small in's and out's of technology is good for the child in me that used to enjoy grade school art class, you know, the gluing, pasting cutting, etc. tee hee

I tell you this morning that I am gleeful! Why? Well, when you are used to the ordinary, then simple things like making a pointer out of a folded sticky note or greater things like seeing your latest book cover give you joy because  it all says, "God's Grace!" That is how I have made it folks and that is how I aim to keep on stepping and to keep on thriving. Will I cry anymore? Sheesh, you know that that is a part of our journey down here, but I can wipe those old tears, paste a smile on my face and belt out or hum a tune. Before long, I am as right as rain and good to go! And Alma keeps on praying and she keeps on singing. By the way, did you know or had you thought about the fact that you can sing a song in such a manner that it becomes a prayer offering to the Lord? Uhm humm and if you think about it, you can choose the type of song that you want to sing to Him, be it praise, thanksgiving or whathaveyou.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

P. S. - I can see from some of the responses that I have been getting to my blog that you are bothered about the situations of our world. Well, listen to Grammy Alma, things are gonna work out. You just keep singing, humming if you have to, and praying through your songs. He will take care of situations. Think about it. Haven't you seen Him step in and handle some situations for you before? Well, He is the same God today. Trust Him; Grammy Alma does. Remember, I told you on yesterday that He took a little nobody of a girl from Tennessee and allowed her to become an adult of retirement age and allowed her to still have a song that swells up in her throat until it pierces the morning air with its notes of praise (or any time of day). You just try it and see if it does not work. It has worked for me all of my life and guess what I discovered not too long ago? When you sing, the brain releases endorphins. That is the feel good, feel happy hormone. So, sing for yourself and make the Lord smile, okay? Have a good day and remember that He does love you and He created me in a fashion so that I do too!

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