Tuesday, June 6, 2017


How Precious We Are to Him

Auxillo Ab Alto

I know that if I please YOU
I will be exalted in your love
That blessings will rain down on me
Like nectar, from above.

Thank YOU for giving me the poem
That I just now wrote
For sending it to me LORD, as
To YOUR throne I spoke.

Thank YOU for my being a recipient
Of YOUR amazing grace
Because it takes away all of my fears and doubts
And puts serenity in its place
No matter what kinds of trials I face.

I see YOUR justice and righteousness
They, like the sun, come shining through
So, I go where YOU send me
And do what YOU want me to do
Because I know that wherever I go and
Whatever hardships I see
That your amazing grace and winged
Protection will continue to sustain me.

Isaiah 50:4
Jeremiah 9:24

1.     Define Auxillo Ab AltoWith help from on high
2.     Which of the given scriptures is best suited for this poem and why? Both scriptures work together to give full meaning to this poem. Isaiah explains the loving reason for this poem and Jeremiah underscores that love by giving us a gentle reminder of it.
Explain the third verse in the context of what is happening in our world today. Make it at least a paragraph long and be sure to tie in the title of today's blog piece (meaning blog title from June 6.) See the last paragraph of today's blog.
As is my custom, I repeated yesterday's blog for your convenience. Somebody said that I could have explained this poem on yesterday and you are right. However, I would not have achieved my purpose if I had because some of you that did think about the poem would not have if I had. If I had explained the poem to you on yesterday, then that explanation would have been counterproductive to my purpose in selecting that particular poem for you on yesterday. Say what? Yes, my explanation was a trifle wordy, wasn't it? So another way to say the same thing is:

I know what I do 
When I do what I do
I'm getting you to
A place planned for you.

You know me well enough by now
To know that I have a plan
For most things that I do
And that is, dear friend
To bring more enlightenment to you
...If you can follow what I just said
Then logic ought to cause you to see
The like pattern when it comes 
To God's dealings with man.

He knows the objective that He had in mind
When He formulated plans for all mankind
So, He will work circumstances and situations
To benefit and bring home to Himself the
Man of His creation.

Even if you do not see the reason 
for or understand the reasoning thereof
Of a situation that has you in its grasp
Just remember who the Masterplanner is
And step on with faith toward your blessed season.

If you have a slight headache from trying
To figure just what this blog with its poem is about
Good, that means that my plans concerning
 Your deep thinking are being carried out.

I am just a vessel that the Lord uses
To help to carry His plans for you out
To remind you through various illustrations
That we are supposed to be a people who 
Walk by faith and not by sight
Therefore, we ought not to stress 
Through the dark of the night.

God's got a plan
That He made for man
And He is going somewhere with it
And my faith keeps my footpath lit.

Simple explanation - You spent time yesterday trying to figure out what I meant by the poem. That pondering, however brief or long it may have been, prepared your brain for processing the info that I presented to you today. Um hmm-m, now you are pondering over one of my favorite scriptures, Romans 8:28 and trying to figure out where and how your faith fits into this scripture. Yep! I brought you the long way around didn't I? But you are where I want you to be right now. Next thing that you need to do? Examine the strength of your faith and if you find that it is not strong enough, ask the Lord to strengthen your faith. That is very important because that faith, as said in the last line of the poem immediately above this paragraph, keeps your footpath lit! And in today's world, we need to know that we are loved by God and that no matter what North Korea or any of the other countries bluster and say, God can and will lead us to where He wants us to be, as long as we are His faithful children. So you keep that faith growing and going so that it will continue to bless you and yours. Remember I told you a while back that people will be asking you how your faith got to be strong and saying things like, "I wish I had a faith that strong." And you will thin to yourself, "If only you knew" because you will look back down through your life and think about the journey that you and your faith have taken together. Then you can say, "Thank You, Lord, for my journey made with Your encompassing love!"

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones
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