Monday, May 29, 2017

Jealousy and Insults

Good morning, everyone!
"They shall fall for your sake." Isaiah 54:15

Jealousy and Insults

If you get handed insults now and again
By folk who are jealous and want to 
Take or tear you down
Don't let it bother you overmuch
And don't let it cause you to wear a perpetual frown.

As this next poem will tell you
And the quoted scripture, too
Because you are faithful and are His own
Your joys and your sorrows, by the Lord
Are always known.

Yes, He sees those that are coming
At you with a "slighted" hand
And He laughs and looks at them with derision
For He knows the ultimate decision
That He has made regarding them
He knows that they, with their meddling
Have placed themselves out on a soon-to-fall limb.

I Get It Now…W.O.W.!

A little evergreen grew beside the road
On a crest, on a rock laden hill
He’d lived there many seasons in
Conjunction with his buddy, the
Oak, who lifted his branches high in the sky
As if he wanted to touch the clouds
If a low one should pass by.

He kept his arms extended as though in praise
No matter the change of the seasons
“Don’t you get tired?” the little evergreen said
“Why don’t you just rest your arms
And not always keep them raised?”

The oak, who rarely spoke a word, replied with a sigh
“I have to keep my arms lifted in praise
In case mankind comes by
Because they are not strong like me
And need to be reminded that Jesus died.
They have to see things being constant
Though life often brings changes
“What are you talking about
I don’t understand what you mean.”

Listen little one, you are
Part of the plan as well
Why do you think you were
Allowed to remain forever green?
It’s so that mankind can be reassured
By your continual never changing
Just like my raised arms tell them that I will
Remain constant though seasons come and go
It is to remind them that we are born to die
And the changing of my leaves remind them
That seasons are a part of the life that we know.

But my continued raised arms remind them
That GOD, HIMSELF, has orchestrated a plan
That, though hard times come, is
Constructed to always take care of man.

“Oh, now I understand what you are talking about
You are saying that, no matter what happens in a man’s life
He needs to keep his arms lifted in prayer
Because GOD is mindful of him and uses my being evergreen
And your changing leaves to remind mankind
That HE is constant in HIS care.”

My being evergreen is a reminder that GOD is always the same
And your changing leaves are a reminder that
Situations come and situations go
But your constant outstretched arms are a reminder for mankind to remember
That about, a praying man, GOD will always know!
I get it now.

2 Timothy 2:13

1.     What meaning does this poem seem to be trying to connote?
2.     Explain how the given scripture applies to this poem.

3.     Define Laden, orchestrated.

The poem and the quoted scripture say it all.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones
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