Wednesday, May 10, 2017

God's Got a Blessing

Hello, everyone. Have you had your coffee? I have not had anything yet, but I will get juice or something a bit later. I did do my morning prayer and meditation. If you will look around you with prayerful eyes, you will see prayers being answered concerning the great and concerning the small. Whatever you do for the rest of your stay on this earth, don't ever quit praying because, as you can see, it works.
     I started to entitle this one "Through It All." But I wanted to give the Lord more praise today, so I chose the title above instead. Somebody said, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Over the past six years, I have had trials and sometimes, it seemed, trials galore. But I kept going. Every now and then I had to go to the window of faith and look out to make certain that the grass was still green. Even when it was snowing in my part of the physical world, I would take a look at some of the warmer climates on television or on postcards that I had received. So, too when things in my spiritual world went awry, I looked at faithful children of God's lives and I could see Him working through them and on behalf of them. My faith told me, that if I just did like David said in (Psalm 27:14), "Wait on the Lord," that I would be alright.
     So over my past six years that I have been blogging, I have had my doubts, fears, troubles, valleys to go through and mountains to climb. Through it all, He brought me and let me know when I got too tired that He was with me. He still does that for me today, y'all. So, though you have to shed some tears, keep your hand in His hand and everything will be alright!

These books were all published during my stormy times. I have one with the publisher right now, and yes you know that this is a stormy time for me. Goes to show you what I have been telling you all along, He sees; He knows; He cares and "There is a blessing in your storm".
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