Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere

Reach Back to Remember

We get so busy living life and taking
Care of the families that we have created
That we, oftentimes forget to reach back
To remember the lady that gave us life and
 Put our needs, desires, and joys above her own…
The one lady who gave us the greatest
Unconditional love that we have ever known.

The one who did without so that we could
Be well-fed and sheltered from the cold
The one who, more than any other is
Worth her weight in gold; I am
Speaking about mother if the truth were to be told
I am speaking of mother who, by now
May have begun to grow old.

If she still graces these grassy shores of time
Then I suggest that you, dear son or daughter, take
The time and effort to get to know her needs, desires, and wants
While she can still articulate them to you
And when she does, you, dutiful son or beautiful daughter
Do what you must, to make her wishes come true
For oftentimes you may find that all she wants
Is to rest her hungry mother’s eyes upon you.

This poem is but words on a paper and you may forget
It as soon as you put it down, but you dare not be remiss
About thanking the lady who brought you into this world
And equipped you with the tools that you use in life
As your banner of “You," you let unfurl.

Take the time to share your love with your Mom
For the sharing will tide you over and
Repay you manifold in the days to come
As you will be able to hold that sharing to your breast
When the time has come to lay your, “Mother” to rest
For you will remember with a heartfelt sigh
The days you made your Mom smile and
Put a joyful gleam back in her eye

By the simple fact that you dropped by.


Mothers, we salute you this day
For your caring, nurturing and loving
That you have been so free to give
And we hope that you are appreciated each day
That you are graced to live.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones
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