Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Whose Child Are You?

Happy Tuesday morning to you! Always begin your day with prayer. And when you show your face to the world, show some sign of the fact that you belong to Him. Tell what He has done for you to such an extent that people will be having a conversation similar to the one following.
"Oh, His child, then you, my friend, have nothing to worry and fret about, for everybody knows that He always has His children's backs!"
Here is a poem that I penned to illustrate the point:

I see your trouble that you are going through
And I heard about the traps that people set for you
Yet, I see your nonchalance and am puzzled about it
And by the smile that continues to grace your face
I'm  baffled by your continued air of unflappability
No matter how much is hurled at you, you refuse to give place
To the retaliatory attack that I would have launched
I would have delivered blow for blow and punch for punch.

Well, I will go ahead and read this scripture (Psalm 46) 
That you have marked out for me, but it ain't
Gonna change what I would do, if I were you, to the people
Who are sabotaging your job and bothering you
For if I were in your shoes, I'd give them their just due.

I would let them know that I am not a person to be trifled with
And that I give as good as or better than I get
I would make them think twice about tangling
With me again because I am a force to be reckoned
With and everybody know that if you mess with me 
Or mine, that I am coming after you is a safe bet.

Honey, I would set a trap so big that they...huh
Say what, well I will read that scripture but child
Okay, okay I am going to read it right now
But don't think you are going to make me a namby-pamby
Like you because I have been trained to get people off of me.

Uh, okay so I read the scripture and all I can say is that
 If I had a Power like that on my side I'd not enter another fray
Because I would know that He would handle the
Business and come out winning on any given day.

Okay, you have another passage that you want me to read
But I don't see why because this Psalm 46 has everything
Covered that a bothered child would need.

Oh, I see what you wanted me to grasp
This God of yours fights for you and has made plans all along
To take care of you in all of your trouble and right every wrong
And I see how He tells them all to leave His children be
And laughs (Psalm 37:13) at what they will reap when He brings His calamity.

Okay, so tell me how I can get Him to be on my side
Come on tell me, buddy, in your good friend confide
For I am listening hard because I don't want to take
A chance of living another day without the difference
In my life, this God of yours can make.

No matter what the reason is for getting to know Him, the bottom line is that getting to know Him is to love Him and you will never get enough of Him. Y'all, be blessed.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones
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