Monday, March 13, 2017

The Lord's Grace

Good morning, all! I hope that your day is faring well. Did you begin your day with prayer? I did. You know sometimes I just sit and think in the wee hours of the morning about His love for me. When I hear the birds sing with joy, I think about His provisional love. When I see the ground yielding various flowers in the different seasons, it makes me think. When I see the clouds float across the sky, it makes me think. When I go to the ocean and see the whitecaps on the waves way out in the water only to pitter out with a few bubbles when it reaches the cliffs where I stand I think. Everywhere I look I see things that remind me of His love for me and I wonder, why? Do you ever feel that you are not worthy of such majestic displays of love? I think that often, but then I remember that He is love and I am humbled yet again. Here is a poem that I have written this morning to talk to  Him just a bit. I hope that it pleases Him and blesses you. It did me.

Why Such As I

When I see the clouds float across the sky
When I see an insect as he passes me by
When I hear a bird's happy trill
I can't begin to tell You how I am made to feel.

When I see the flowers bloom in all their beauty
As if giving joy to mankind is their only duty
When I go to the ocean and see the waves
Cavorting and skipping with the wind
I am reminded of Your love that encompasses 
Not just me, but all men.

You tickle my senses with beauteous
 Movement, smells, sights, and colors bold
And I am so thankful, Lord that Your 
Love for me does not ever grow cold.

And while I am often given to thinking, "Why?"
It is with humble praise and adoration that I say
"Thank You, Father, for loving and 
Cherishing such as I."

Doing What I Can, While I Can to Make You Smile,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones, His Child :)

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