Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Faith Bell

Good morning to you kind souls who continue to read my blog. I figure by now that you have had your talk with the Lord and have had your coffee as well. 
History says that several hundred years ago in colonial times when there was important news to be shared that people would go around ringing a bell and spreading the news. So, I will use a play on words and in a like manner, continue to spread my news. What news? The news of my faith, of course. In keeping with that, I wanted to talk to you about my poem, My Faith Bell. This is an example of shape poetry. I have told the Lord and I have told you that I would tell of His goodness from the tallest mountain in my world. That is what I continue to strive to do. So, in doing that, I am sounding My Faith Bell for you.

Faith began building in me a long time ago
By my Momma telling me of the God that she did know
Because she was so happy when she explained her faith in God
I decided that I would like this God to be my Friend, too
So began my walk of faith and now I am talking about Him to you
He has been with me wherever my footsteps have trod
And I am thankful for the day that my Momma
Talked to me about her God
You will be too
When your
to do

Answers to the questions posed to you regarding yesterday's poem enclosed in an example of the essay that I asked you to write (copy of poem and questions below.):

Since I believed (1. the truth of what my Momma told me about the Lord), I used her subsequent teaching and learned to pray to Him and to have an intimate relationship with Him. I made prayer to Him an everyday part of my life. I asked His guidance in every decision that I made and followed the course that I was led to. Those (2. decisions have broadened my horizons) by adding positive experiences to my life. I look forward to the future in faith because I remember the great kindness and aid that the Lord has given me in the past. The track record that He has built with me leads me to believe that greater kindnesses are to come because, as my Momma told me, and I have found it to be so, "He is a faithful God."

Sounding My Bell While I Can,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Poem and Questions from Yesterday

Footsteps of Faith

The footsteps of faith from the past have charted
My course from which I have grown
And have me looking toward the future... 
All from the past that I've known.

  1. Explain the phrase,  footsteps of faith from line one.
  2. What can be inferred from line two?
  3. What is line three referring to?
  4. Compose a short essay on this poem.
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