Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bringing God Glory by Telling My Story

Good morning to everyone! Had my meditative prayer and will have my tea shortly. Please enjoy the poem that has been placed on my heart for you.

A Faithful Friend Until Journey's End

I am taking a ride on the train tracks of life
Met a kind Conductor soon after my journey did begin
He promised to be with me on my trip and
To guard my ways from the traps of men.

He gave me a song to sing and a story to tell
So, I am going to sing my song and tell my story
As I write my poems and sing my praises
From the tops of the mountains to the valley low
I'm gonna let my praises swell
In every village, hamlet, city or town
Alma's voice and pen can be heard
Wherever she or her books may be found
Telling all who will listen about
The great God that she has gotten to know!

We have had many stops along my trip's way
Tasted some of the wares that this world offered to pay
And enjoyed some of the wares quite a bit, but
The enjoyment was not enticement enough
To make this passenger want to stay.

You see, my kind and loving Savior, my Friend
Is faithful and true for He has promised to stay beside me
From my journey's inception to its end
And to bring me home to Himself
At the time that He says, "When."

Doing What I Can, While I Cam Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Blog P.S. - 1.2K on Facebook likes! Praise the Lord, the Sustainer, and Blesser of my soul.


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