Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bad Things Job 14:14 (Cont.)

Well, everybody. hope that you are doing well. Give your family my love if you have one. If you don't, then give yourself a big hug for me. (Tee hee)

Now, back to the continuing of yesterday's blog. You remember that I asked you on yesterday to look for blessings in your storm? Well, when my house burned down, let me tell you that I had a hard time trying to find a blessing in that storm. But I surely did not have any trouble finding all the negatives in my house fire. Here are some negatives that I found:

1.     No place to lay my head for the coming night
2.     That meant no stove on which to cook food for my children
3.     No place to quietly sit down and ask about their day and help them with their homework
4.     No comfy place that I had built into a nest that they felt safe in
5.     No assurance in their little minds that Momma and Daddy would always take care of them
6.     Lost the riding lawn mower that we had just paid most of our income tax money for and used on the yard only one time
7.     Lost the kids brand new bikes that we had just bought
8.     Lost all of the brand-new school clothes that we had just bought for the kids and for myself
9.     Loss of the diamond rings that I had always worn on my fingers (left them at home that day on the ring keeper because I was running late for school)
10.  Most of the material things could be replaced with insurance, right? Nope! Husband had switched insurance companies and there was a one week’s lapse between when the grace period of the old policy ended and the new policy began. His thinking at the time was that there was no need to pay two insurance policies at the same time, right? Not! Do you know when my house burned down to the ground with a fire so hot that it even burned up the floors? Yep, you guessed it, that one week between the grace period of the old policy ending and the new policy beginning. Can you begin to imagine my despair? Everything that I had worked for for thirteen years had gone up in smoke, everything!
11.  Loss of an abode for my mother because her house was across the driveway from ours
12.  It seemed like before I could come to terms with the loss of one thing, something else would crop up that had been lost in the fire. Had to get copies of everybody’s birth certificate, marriage license, a new family Bible, bills, etc.
13.  I could go on and on with my list of things that I whined about when my house burned down to the ground. I did not have the pictures of my kids that I had taken down through the years that captivated their little faces at various times during their school day activities, pictures that I had planned to give them when they got married, etc. Let me cap off the list by saying that I remember thinking that I did not even own a broom straw. Not even a broom straw. That’s when the tears really started pouring. I don’t know why that was on my mind so badly, but it was. I was to remember that sentiment a few years later.
Well, I wanted only 200 words or so and as you can see, I have managed to write well over 500. (tee hee)
I guess I was as painstaking as I was in my descriptions for you because I wanted you to walk through
those days with me. If the Lord wills, on Monday we will finish this time of my despair over my house
fire, the fire that burned up even the floor!

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

In the time of my despair
When I feel that I have been left alone
I find that His omnipotent love
Has already visited me and 
Placed a caring angel there.
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