Thursday, February 16, 2017

Then and Now

Good morning, everyone. I think that you will like what I have done with my blog today. If you will remember, I came to you in that poem as a young girl just leaving home with all of the hopes, joys, etc. that the optimism of youth possesses. I took the poem from page 18 of my book, W.O.W. created w.o.w. and applied a, "Now" theme to it. I talked about life as a woman fully grown. In other words, I started the poem back then and brought you up to now. Do read it and tell me what you think. The questions at the end will prove to be interesting, too. (The green highlighting represents the now.)

Wind at My Back

The day that I left my hometown
To go off to school
 Is a day that I’ll always
Remember as being exciting and cool.

What I knew about life
You could fit into the smallest paper sack
I just did not know what I would be up against
Didn’t realize that I was “new meat”
Set for the world’s attack.

I left home with stars in my eyes
And the wind at my back
Courage came along with me to
Make up for the materials things that I lacked.

No, I did not have money at the time
But I was not worried about that
For I had the strong conviction
That the powerful God of heaven
Had taken an inexplicable interest in me.

Didn’t have any money to pay the necessary fees
And only had one pair of shoes
But I had hope in my soul, joy in my heart
And a FATHER to guide me.

I knew that the same God that had
Opened the doors of the university
And had found acceptance and a room for me
Would supply whatever I needed because

The state of my non-existent bank account was sad.

I hit that dorm with a smile on my face
“Look out world; am here to begin my race"
Don’t look down on me
With your assumed superiority.

Though I didn’t have material things just yet
But I knew that my education was the
Means by which I could get
Anything that others had as far as material gain
And I knew that they’d look past my clothes
Once they got a taste of my wisdom- laced brain

For you see before you a being
Who will take on any challenge
And whip this feat “lickety” split
Before you realize what you are seeing.

Now, stands before you a woman fully grown
Who has walked through fires, pitfalls, and traps
Set by some in their determined and relentless quest
To, this woman of faith, take down several pegs
Even if it meant attempting to cut off her faith legs.

By the time you realize that
Here is a force to be reckoned with
You will discover that you have been bested
By the penniless one, without
Ever realizing that you were being tested!

The penniless one learned that the testing was mine, not theirs
I learned to keep going, no matter what efforts
To stop my commitment to the Lord were made
Learned that, “I AM” was the One Who paved my way green
Learned to lean and depend on Him no matter how
Unjust and piercing the trials and traps seemed
Learned to keep stepping on as long as the grass kept
Returning year to year with its green
Learned that, “I AM’s” love surpassed any mean intent
Finally learned that happiness and prosperity
Way before I was born, for this little one, was meant.

Proverbs 8:32
 Jeremiah 29:11
2 Chronicles 32:31
Psalms 23

1.     What does the phrase, “stars in my eyes” mean from line 5? Does the phrase still mean the same now?

2.     What can you surmise from verse 4 about the speaker’s personality? Self-concept?  What can be said about the speaker's personality and self-concept now? If it has changed, how so?
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