Monday, January 30, 2017

He Holds Me Fast

 Good morning all. How are you doing this morning? I hope that you are faring well.

"In whatever situation I find myself in, He goes with me." I wrote these words in my last two blogging sessions. These words, I like to think, were sent to me so that they would be handy and ready to mind when the things that were upcoming in my life did occur. You know that I told you in one of my earlier blogs that He knows what lies ahead. So because He is my shepherd, I trust Him to lead my footfalls to places of safe terrain.

So, in keeping with the paragraph above, I never question what I am inspired to write; I just do it. You see, I have been walking with Him long enough that I know that He has a purpose for all things that He has me to pen. Sometimes it holds a lesson for others, sometimes a lesson for me, sometimes a reminder of His past goodness and sometimes lessons for others and for me. I just know that He does all things well and because I know that, I can step blindly when I cannot see my way. I can step with assurance when it seems that to step at all is to fall off of the precipice of faith into certain disaster. I have learned to trust Him and I know that if He leads me to a thing, that He will give me wings to fly high enough so that I soar on the winds of successful navigation!

And so armed with these words, I step into each day with the knowledge that, "All things work together for good for those that love the Lord, Romans 8:28." Therefore when I got a call from the group home where my brother lives that he was in the hospital, I went into an icy calm mode. That is the same mode that gets me through tough situations. It is like I batten down the hatches for what is coming next. And you know what I do as I am battening down my hatches, I call my Father just to remind myself that He is ever present with me and then folks, I step on.

So, armed with the knowledge that, "If He brought me to it, He can bring me through it." I learned of the need for emergency surgery for my brother. The need was so dire as to be life threatening. It was so dire that I was not given the option of alerting his son beforehand. It was so dire that the doctor told me that he did not need my permission because he and another surgeon had made a consensus decision that this was an emergency.

Armed with these words, "In whatever situation I find myself in, He goes with me," I stepped on. The emergency surgery was performed and I contacted his son. The next day, I got to see my brother sitting in his hospital room while he enjoyed the hot-n-spicy (his favorite) Popeyes chicken meal and drank the strawberry drink that I had brought him. We await the decision of the vascular doctor today. But through it all, I will remember that I am my Father's child. 

I gave you a little bit of background for the poem that I have included in this blogging session.

From one clay pot to another
The woman who brought us into
This world is our mother
But the God Who made us and
Continues to sustain and cover
Us in all of our dealings with each other
Is a God like none other
So, don't worry, sibling, I prayed for you
After all, you are my brother.

                           -Your sis, Alma L. Jones

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Blog reader, I hope that this blog blesses you when and if you find the need for it. Be Blessed.
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