Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tried by the Fire

Good evening, all.  hope that you are managing to get the necessary things done that you need to accomplish from day to day. I ask the Lord's blessing upon you as you do so. The post for today, is self-explanatory.    When He gets finished with me, I shall come forth as pure gold." Some other words ask, "Have You Been Tried by the Fire?" Some people use words like the ones mentioned in the two sentences above to justify their behavior when they know it is not as it should be. I put a slightly different twist on these words and I tell myself, "Be patient, Alma. All of your turmoil, your pain, your mistreatment, your just not understanding, etc. have a purpose and He works it all according to His plan."

That, ladies, carries me on as I think, "As long as He allows me to live, I am going to 'Do What I Can, While I Can.'" That means that in spite of it all, I shall smile and continue to give Him glory as I walk this land and tell my story. 

For I know, as we all do, that joy comeths in the morning. Y'all be blessed and encouraged as you continue to walk your walk and tell your own story while giving the God of Heaven the glory. 

I'm am joyously pumped up this morning, ladies! I feel a song winging its way through my soul. Yep, I am one of those folks that break forth into singing in the morning or whenever it hits me.  Oh, my songs? No, they are not always sung in times of joy, for I have long since found that singing drives away my cares and replaces them with the blessed assurance that we tend to forget, from time to time.

Uhm-m, Mm-m! "I will trust in the Lord..."

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones
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