Sunday, November 20, 2016

Joyful Lord's Day Morning, Noon or Night

Good Morning, Day or Night, everyone! It is with a thankful spirit and a joyful heart that I arise to greet a new day. Gonna have my tea here in a bit, as I have already said my prayers. Yep, I have talked to the Lord and have given Him my cares. Yes, I have problems like everybody else but I am determined to not allow misery to be comfortable in my company. I am going to attend worship; don't you see? As you can see, I am buoyed up this morning. Here are a couple of poems as a result of my talk with the Lord this morning. I hope they encourage you and give you joy.

Taking with me to worship 
Each request asked of me
Today and each person
Who toils in the Lord's way
Gonna lay it all at Jesus' feet
When I, with the other saints
In prayerful contemplation meet.


There is a joy inside of me
That the enemy cannot shake
Though, at the well of my faith
It would love to, it's thirst for destruction, slake.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Find joy in each new hour
Smile in the face of adversity
And you will find that despair
In the presence of joy, will cower
And sleek off someplace else
To peddle its wares of despondency.

Thankful joy in a new day, evening or night...

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