Sunday, October 30, 2016

Just for You, My Faithful Readers, this Fine Sunday Morning!

Hello, all! Inspiration, Writing, and Poetry combined this morning. 
Just sending out some blessings and love this morning. Here are some inspirational and thought provoking pieces for you to enjoy. I would appreciate it if you would get a copy of W.O.W. created w.o.w. to show me that you do indeed appreciate the thought that I have expended and the care that I have sent your way over the years. Remember, I believe that if you bless me, He blesses you.

I saw my fellowman in the grocery store
And he/she looked all bothered and down
And I, with a gentle smile, said, "Hello,
How are you today?" To which the reply
Was an audible grunt with a grimace of
A smile, that was really more of a frown
I sighed and said, "You know we are blessed to see the Sunshine this morning for we
Still look down on the flowers that are growing in the ground...
Not up at them...Hm-m-m."
To which my fellowman looked at me
And genuinely smiled.


If I said that I loved you
You did not have to wonder
If that were true
For I showered you with
Tender care that said
Grammy Alma cares about you.

You show love
You show hate
Cold indifference is
A clandestine form of hurt or hate
Which emotion have 
You shown of late?


From "W.O.W. created w.o.w."
"God has a plan
A plan for me
The name of that plan 
I call ultimately."
I'm traveling my path to Ultimately.

"A smile costs you little but gains you much."

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Enjoy Your Day and Remember to Always, "Do What You Can, While You Can." 
Grammy Alma
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