Thursday, September 1, 2016

Which Romance?

Hello, all. BYDWP.
Okay. So, on yesterday I told you that I would begin to write romance novels. Well, this writing process is a learn as you go, as you write thing. I will share a little of what I learned yesterday from a best selling inspirational romance writer friend of mine, Sandra Robbins.

She told me, "Romance is a large genre that has different types of novels under its umbrella. Inspirational novels is one of the groups included. Then you divide inspirational novels into the different types of books that fit under it, and you get romantic suspense, historical romance, contemporary romance, Amish romance, some fantasy with romantic elements, and some young adult with romantic elements. Every romance novel must have a hero and heroine who are in love, but there is some conflict keeping them apart. This conflict must be resolved before the end of the story. The entire journey for the couple has to be rocky throughout the book until the resolution of the problem at the end.

Romance novels (including all those sub groups) sell better than any other genre."
This information was freely given by a writer friend, Sandra Robbins,  who is doing very well in her chosen genre, romance. The latest two best sellers in her Firebrand series, Targeted and Hunted are an attest to her success! Both of these books are best selling examples of inspirational romantic suspense. 

So now that we know that much, we can start to work on our book. I think that I will try for contemporary romance on the first book.

Blessed and Stepping
Alma Jones

Aside - You know, I can write some simply beautiful love poetry. So, I can put one at the beginning of my book if I want to or at the end. What do you think?

Aside 2 - Another thing, I am excited to find that romance has inspirational novels under its heading. This is going to be an exciting book venture!
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