Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A New Day?

Hello, all! How are you today? Did you remember to BYDWP? I did.

I had an idea in my mind for my novella, but now I have to tweak it a bit. I am going to write what sells. I am still going to write my hearts dictates, but I am going to be a bit more productive in several genres. Guess what I am going to attempt to write? Romance! Yes, you heard me correctly. I always said that I could write whatever I was asked or it was suggested that I write, so here we go. This is going to be a leap of faith, let me tell you. I think that I will do certain genres on certain days. What do you think about that?

If I have just thrown you for a loop, that's okay because I have just thrown myself for one. Tee hee  We will see where this takes us.

Telling my story to bring God glory,
Alma Jones

You go grab some tea; you will get over the shock of my announcement and you will be okay. Me, I'm still reeling myself. Tee hee
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