Thursday, September 22, 2016

Seeds Sown (cont.) and Harvest Sky's Questions Answered

I have had a good night's rest and I trust that you did as well. If you need to grab your coffee or tea, then do so. I am going to get these question done as fast as I can before something else crops up and takes me away from my blog. (smile)

This is the tactic I would use if I had to talk to someone who was down on their luck, themselves and on life in general. I would take out my tablet and using my most encouraging teacher's voice or minister's wife voice or my most motherly voice and this is what I would say:
I know that you are hurting and that you feel like nothing ever goes right for you or ever will again. and yes, I know that you feel like givng up and saying, "What's the use?" But I want you to take a look at these bullet points that I have written here and you will see that they share a common theme - forced growth is often painful: 
  • Being forced out of our comfort zone often causes us to grow. Think about a lobster and how it is forced to grow. Be mindful of the fact that when its current shell get so tight that it has to force itself out of it and hide under a rock to keep from being eaten by a larger animal until it grows a new one, that is not an enjoyable experience. In all probability, if a lobster could talk, it would tell you so.
  • Out of need, we recognize a desire to feed. Sometimes situations are allowed to come up in our lives so that we will make a move because where we are has become uncomfortable. We realize that we are not receiving what we need. This realization often causes us to reach for the master-feeder and His word, the Bible. Then we feed our souls so that we can make it through the turmoil that is in our lives. And the thing about having your soul fed, once it begins, you will cling to it as a lifeline because that is exactly what it is and will always be for you. Then when you make it through your trials or adverse times, you will be willing to help someone else through theirs. You will do it out of relief that your time is over but out of a sense of paying the blessing of understanding forward just like I am doing for you.
  • Adverse times bring about growth and strength for tomorrow's journey. Yes, and as much as we hate to think about it, there will more periods of adverse times in our lives. But the lesson that we will have learned from this time will help to sustain us in other times of adversity and further teaches us to lean on the Lord for He is faithful.  And lest we forget, our leaning on Him is what He desires. (continuing in 30 minutes or less...)
Okay, I am, at last, back. 
  • So, the poem from Tuesday's Quips/Quotes has been adequately addressed because when Romans 8:28 says that "All things work together for good for those that love the Lord," that simply means that not everything that happens to us is going to necessarily be pleasant. But we are to continue to remain faithful because no matter what happens in ur lives, He can and will bring us through and make sure that we come out with more understanding and blessing than before we went into a certain adverse situation. How so? What do adverse situations make us do? Right, they make us depend on a being higher than ourselves. Yep, they show us how little we control and how limited we are in what we can do. In essence, they point us to the Lord.
  • Looking at page 50 of our book, we see that the last verse fits in with our narrative well; page 51, the first verse; page 52, the entire poem and lastly; page 53, the whole poem.


Am His creation so I walk where He chooses
And I go where the path lies
As I await the dawn of new day skies.

Poetry Pondering and Musing
  1. How does the title of the article tie in with the verse of the poem in the poetry section? The title of Tuesday's article was, "Harvest Skies."
  2. What is the speaker's mood? Trusting in the Lord.  Substantiate. (See number 1.)
  3. What significance, is any, can be applied to the dark picture? It can symbolize either of two things:
  • Been through some rough times and the sun is going down on this day, maybe better things tomorroe
  • Been dark in my life but the sun is rising on a new day; perhaps my change comes today because He said that He is faithful.


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