Sunday, September 18, 2016

How It Went

Hello, all! We will be returning to our regular format on Monday.

But today I wanted to give you word about our book signing on yesterday.
Yes, we had a grand ole time! We each were given five to seven minutes to talk about our work as writers. We had a nice-sized audience and had a question and answer session afterward. It was stylishly prepared for and carried out with joyful aplomb by all. Great job, Regina, on the preparations and great job, authors, on your heartfelt and engaging reasons for your writing and synopses of your books! And thanks to the ones who took the time out of a busy Saturday to grace our event!

We had all kinds of questions and enjoyed every minute of it!

Tomorrow, I will talk a bit more about the book signing on yesterday and upcoming events.

Blessed and Slated for Success,
Alma Jones
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