Saturday, August 6, 2016

Our Book, Pt. 5

Good day, everyone. I hope you are enjoying the excerpts from our book, W.O.W. created w.o.w. I am enjoying choosing them for you. Today, I thought that I would pay tribute to my Mother, Lula M. Carr. Though she no longer walks this earthbound plane, the legacy she built still remains.

$35 A Week

$35 a week is not very much
That is what the lady lived on
And she took care of three kids, with such
Meager earnings at this –
Life in her household was anything but bliss.

But she drove her children forward
With a determination that was fierce
Reach for the stars was what she always said
As through the homework-laden night
Her strident voice would often pierce.

Her relentless struggle for her children
And her stalwart belief in God
Gave that tired mother more than enough
Stamina to last, even when the tide was tough.

She got her children through school
And saw them become productive young adults
She got to bump her first grandbaby on her knee
And lived to see that he was the first in a long line
Of her blessed posterity.

At the close of her long life, she looked
At her daughter with a satisfied smile
And said, I am proud of your accomplishments daughter
And I'm glad that you took a page of learning for me
But most of all, I am thankful that the God of heaven
Sent you to be my child.

A tribute to Lula M. Carr, My Mother

1.    Which do you think was written first, the poem, “$35 A Week or the story, “Momma and the Rent Man.” Why? Give evidence from the poem and from the story to substantiate your assertion.
2.     In line 8 what does Reach for the stars mean?
3.     Define strident from line 10.
4.     Make a biblical application to the poem. A personal one.


When we no longer walk this earthbound plane 
The legacy we build will still remain.

The truth of the above quote is why I often close my blogging sessions with, “Doing What I Can, While I Can.”

Doing What I Can, While I Can,

Alma Jones

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