Sunday, August 21, 2016

Just Jesus and Me Finale

"What in the blue blazes?" I believe that is where we stopped on yesterday, right? Well, that man... Oh, wait a sec. Where are my manners? Good morning to all. I have been up for quite some time so I have done my morning prayer and meditation and drunk my tea. I am on a roll! Go on; go get your tea. Scoot, I'll wait a bit.

When I uttered that expletive, it was as if that was the catalyst that my husband needed to jolt him into action. He threw that car into reverse and took off pell-mell back down the road that had led us to that eerie tunnel of trees. we were going so fast that I became a primordial praying person. It was only Jesus and me.

Now just like in my story above, life can land us in some tough situations. Situations that discomfort  us, make no sense and that you see no way out of. What we have to remember is to reach for Jesus with everything that we have and in all that we do. We have to reach and reach and reach. If you are:

  • broken, reach
  • disappointed, reach
  • grieving, reach
  • need a job, reach
  • whatever, reach.
Remember this if you remember nothing else I have said today. He is working for us even when we don't see the evidence of it. He is working for us always. Never forget that. Sometimes, in life, we become disheartened and forget to remember Who brought us to where we are. And another thing, no matter what baggage is in your past, that is exactly where it is, in your past. Jesus' blood cleanses us of all and I am glad. I would be sorely undone if it didn't. You too? Be blessed and pray, pray, pray. He will move situations so that they turn out for your good, even if the moving causes you some pain. You will be better off in the long run. Wow, folks. I didn't see that one coming either!  Romans 8:28

Have a blessed Sunday and attend worship today and show the Lord and your fellow man some love.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - In His wisdom, He knows how to take care of me. I like to think that He is so busy handling my situation that He can not be bothered to reassure me. That comes later, when the crisis is averted. In the meantime, I have to lean on the love that He has shown me in the past as I continue to give myself and all of my hot messes to Him. Here again, we are like babies in that He continually cleans up the messes that we make. Don't ask me because I didn't see that one coming either. Wow!
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