Wednesday, August 10, 2016

If You Never...

Hello, all.
If you have never had to weather a supercell of a storm, then you just don't have the empathy that is needed to console someone who is in the midst of one. I had a friend to tell me, a long ago that sometimes the Lord allows things to happen to us so that we can have empathy for others and sometimes to give us a testimony. Let me tell you, folks, if anybody needs me to say that the Lord will make a way, I will do it. My Gran Gran used to say, "I declare He will make it alright!" That means everything.

So, if you feel like quitting, don't. Somebody needs to keep hearing your story. Some of us are not made to be ordinarily driven. Some of us are called upon to go the extra mile. Somebody just might need a word that only you can give at a particular moment. So, I will not stop writing until the Lord wills it to be so, because I might have a word that will touch someone in the right way, just like our book has done. W.O.W., to think that the Lord allowed me to pen a book powerful enough to give comfort in a fireside chat manner to a person whose loved one has a terminal illness. That is deep, folks and I will not think about stopping again. I forgot for a moment that it is not all about me. Yes, I am fired up enough that I am writing the blog for Wednesday on Tuesday evening! Yep, all I have to do is post it in the morning.

Since I had been using excerpts from W.O.W. created w.o.w. for inspirational snippets, I may as well finish the other three categories. Today's piece will come from the category of, "Praise." Enjoy.

I Clap My Hands

I clap my hands and praise my Jesus
In spite of how you look at me
So I don't know what He has done for you
But I know what He has brought this child through.

I have traveled over many a weary mile
Over much treacherous terrain
He has stayed my fears and guarded my ways
And let the world know that I am His child.

So when I clap my hands
With your looks, don't censor me
For I praise my Lord for all He has done
And will do, on my continued walk toward eternity.

Hebrews 11:13

1. Define treacherous, terrain and censor.
2. Is the speaker bothered by how the world perceives him/her?

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

There is a song that says, "I Am So Glad that Jesus Lifted Me." I think that I will be warbling that this morning. And remember BYDWP because you can always find HIM, even when you think that He is not listening or no longer cares.
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