Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ultimate Day

Good morning, all! Today is another stop on our road to ultimately.  Thank You, Lord, for another "ultimate" day.  If you think about it, I mean really think about it, you will realize that each day that we live is propelling us onward toward our destination of "ultimately." Either in heaven or hell, we will lift up our eyes. We are preparing each day we live the answer we will give when our name is called. We are preparing for eternal agony or eternal bliss.

Here are a couple of things to ponder about concerning another ultimate day:

1.       Plan book - pages therein are preset. Each day is a gift that we use as building blocks on our road home. A good song for this pondering point is, "Sending Up My Timbers."

2.       Marches on - Nothing lasts forever, not us, and not even bad old trouble. All of it represents the passage of time, which waits for no man. "It is once appointed unto man to die and after that, the judgment." Song - "I'm So Glad, Trouble Don't Last Always."

3.       One day - The Creator, Himself, will touch the thing He created and gently wipe the tears from the eyes. I don't know about you, but folks, I just want to revel in the touch of my Master's hands as He wipes everything alright for me. That means that trouble will be wiped away;  pain wiped away; sorrow wiped away; racism wiped away; hatred wiped away, etc. Song - Walk Around Heaven All Day."

In short folks, I am thankful to be given one more day for building for Him as He prepares for me, a home. When I get there, I can enjoy the things that He has prepared for me that cannot enter into my mind and my heart because it surpasses my understanding. Don't you know that nothing that this life has thrown at us will matter then? Ah, in the hands of my Jesus, that will be enough for me.

I thought about doing a poem for you today but then thought better about it. Nuf said already! The cakes that I baked up for you in my blog today needs no poetic icing. It is sweet enough! Ah-h-h, how sweet it is and how sweet it will be!

Doing What I Can, While I Can,

Alma Jones
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