Thursday, July 28, 2016

He Is Preparing You

Good morning, all. Yes, the task that I asked you to do on Wednesday was a daunting one, wasn't it? How did you fare? Were you able to accomplish it? Or did you even try? If you did it, then great! If you did not because it seemed too difficult, we'll walk through it together. Next time try before you say you can't, okay? Oops, said too much, just now.

The green highlighted line of type likens faith to a journey. This means that when a person first accepts their faith, they should not expect it to stay the same because it won’t. 
When we first become a part of a body of faith believers, we think that everything is going to go more smoothly in our lives now because we belong to the Lord. Ha ha That is what I call “Beginning faith (i.e., “Skipping faith.” That is the type of faith that I had as a child or the type that any new convert has.  97 wds.

The blue highlighted lines refer to the development of the spiritual body. Just as you understand that the physical body grows and is strengthened by nutrition and exercise, the spiritual body responds to exercise and nourishment, too.    Next is in two parts, 1. Building faith and praying about things and getting results pretty quickly 2. Testing faith, where protective hedges have been lowered some, and you are allowed to experience some “stuff” for a while. 74 wds.

The orange highlighted section represents what’s left after you have reached the end of your rope and have withstood some things. This is the type of faith that is left after you have gotten out of the fire. This type of faith carries you at the end of the day. This is what is left after the fire goes out. I call this resigned faith. This is the kind of faith that speaks from the mouth of the Hebrew boys, “If our GOD does not deliver us, it is not because He can’t.” 93 wds.

The title of this session suggests a seasoned warrior with nerves of steel. Muscles, ligaments, and tendons are battle-hardened and capable of withstanding an onslaught or siege of the long haul kind.  This section coupled with the title says, “Thank you for helping me grow stronger than I was. You took your best shot, and I’m still standing and moving on toward my home, that fortress in the sky, where troops stand at the ready to usher me on in.  71 wds.

In short, folks, the more you take
The stronger you get
And the stronger you get
The better you stand
The better you stand
The more you can take
So take what comes, for yours
And heavens sakes
And muscles of steel, you will develop yet.

Still Standin’ and Stepping as I Do What I  Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Aside - Your perception of trouble often caused you to stress. When you looked back, you will see that what was a molehill looked like a mountain unclimbable to you because you forgot to remember who the battle belonged to when everything was through. Now we know why the adage, "Hindsight is 20/20" rings true.

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